President Trump Will Kick The Chinese Flu in the ASS

America got the news that President Trump has Chinese Wuflu. I don’t buy it. Because this test is as accurate as a blind sniper.

So what an opportunity for President Trump. And you’d better know that the man who wrote The Art of the Deal knows how to get his pound of marketing flesh. So you can bet Trump is already plotting how to shove this Wuflu up Chairman Xi’s Asian buttocks.

What could he possibly do during this time of Leftist-contrived “woe is me, OK, only kidding!”

One of my friend tweeted something her husband said:

Tweet: My husband just sent me the following text: I can see Trump 2 weeks from now “I got the China virus and I beat it, it was easy. Do you think Sleepy Joe would’ve beaten it? I don’t think so…”

Another tweet I found funny:

The coronavirus panics after testing positive for Trump.

Both Biden and Harris expressed their well-wishes for the president. Think they really meant it? The woman who laughed as Judge Brett Kavanaugh was dragged through the mud cares for Trump? And Captain Demento is no better.

Anyway, Trump doesn’t care what they think. I hope he mocks them daily as he reports on his “sickness”. The man is asymptomatic, because he’s not sick. But Leftist now must endure Trump’s reports from the bunker. And I hope he reports on the state of America every day in a smoking jacket and one of those cigarettes in the dainty holder. Like Hugh Hefner! That would really set off Leftists. Especially if the First Lady is seen in the background in a bikini lounging at the White House pool. And with one of those big Kentucky Derby hats on.

Trump would take the camera over to Melania, and she would say,

“Ze Wuflu has allowed me and my husband to return to our luxurious life as BILLIONAIRES! See; there is always a bright side!”

Later in the afternoon, the president would have another broadcast. And we would see them playing ping pong or cornhole and Melania would be in new bikini bottom and a designer t-shirt that mocks the Obamas.

Next, I’d like to see Guatemalan midgets serving them drinks. A whole crew of little brown men and women. Pelosi would scream at her television,

“Those are MY Guatemalan MIDGETS!”

In their final broadcast for the evening, the Trumps would throw virtual parties that make Hollywood premiers look like wakes. And at these soirees, the Trumps would play party games that make fun of the Bidens.

On a more serious side, Leftists plan on feasting on Trump’s malady. Many Leftists hope Trump dies.

Well, if they think Ruth Bader Ginsburg was tough, wait until Trump laughs in the face of Wuflu.

As Trump beats this disease daily, Democrats will become more demoralized. They will think as Conservatives did about Ginsburg. “How long can this woman last?!”

Only Trump really is healthy. So no need to hide him from public view. In fact, Trump will get more media coverage as Democrats wish him dead. There is even talk about invoking the 25th Amendment. This media coverage will work in his favor. Because Trump won’t get sicker for all the reasons I stated. He will appear to be impervious to the Wuflu and show no signs of sickness. Moreover, he will accomplish more in a couple of weeks than Obama-Biden accomplished in 8 years.

Much to the chagrin of the Left, the good news will continue to come for America. As people believe Trump is sick, he will shine. Put another way, a sick Trump still kicks ass.

The economy will surge on the news of 11.4 million jobs created in 5 months. And who knows what else God wills for Trump. But he will win in the end. Because that’s what Trump does.



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