Trump Signals Pelosi: He’s on to her Games

President Trump left Walter Reed with renewed vigor. Much like Moses’ return from Mount Ararat where God gave him the Ten Commandments, Trump returns to DC.

And like Moses, Trump now lays down the new laws to govern the land.

The president announced Tuesday afternoon that he is ordering his representatives to postpone the ongoing Wuflu stimulus negotiations until after the election. These talks were to take place with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but not anymore.

“Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19…She is not negotiating in good faith. I am rejecting their request.”

Something tells me that Trump’s bout with the dreaded Wuflu really opened his eyes to the ruse being played on him and the rest of America.

How could we be snookered into spending trillions of dollars to fight something with the mortality rate of the common cold? Clearly, Pelosi and other Leftists see the Wuflu as an opportunity to rob taxpayers blind. And the governors who keep their states locked down are part of the cabal.

The president’s tweet followed a phone call breaking down the latest stimulus situation with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. One can bet that President Trump decided the American taxpayers would not pay for BLM and Antifa riots in cities.

Next, Trump poured a bit of salt in the Supreme Court confirmation wound. He instructed Republican legislators to move forward with the confirmation process for Amy Coney Barrett.

But in what has been Trump’s most forceful statement to date regarding re-election he said:

“Immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business.”

Coming on the heels of declassification of all the documents related to the Russia investigation, don’t be surprised when additional nukes drop on the Democrats.

Already we see desperation moves by Pelosi and team. For those who understand the game, Democrats’ antics are fun to watch. Nonsense like invoking the 25th Amendment. Child’s play, easily recognizable for what they are.

One can only wonder what Democrats will do next. How far are they willing to sink. I always ponder, “What if Democrats told the truth about their dealings?”.

Of course they would never be elected again. Because Democrats are the party of conniving scumbags. Liars. Of this there is irrefutable proof.

Pelosi and team staged Russian collusion, actually helping Hillary Clinton promote the lie. And the entirety of Obama’s administration helped with orchestration. The coverup is much larger than the crime, as it involves people at the highest levels of government. People who hold offices that should be non-partisan.

Moreover, Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for actions actually done by Joe Biden. Talk about your desperation move. Biden publicly extorted Ukraine. And he brokered crooked deals for almost all his family members, most notably his drug addict son.

Ask yourself if Donald Trump could get away with anything I’ve mentioned up to this point.

Ukraine courts validated all elements of this story. And they recently concluded that Biden himself received over $900,000 in funny money from Burisma. Yet the story garners no serious media coverage.

Next, Democrats politicized the Wuflu. They bilked trillions from taxpayers, and imposed mandatory lockdown and mandatory masks for a disease that kills fewer people than tuberculosis or the common flu. All to torch Trump’s economy. No media outlet dares tell the truth about this.

Finally, when President Trump catches the dreaded disease and survives it, Democrats threaten to use the 25th Amendment to replace him with Vice President Pence.

Democrats are worse than reckless, they are dangerous. And President Trump knows to what extend Democrats willing stoop to get him. So game on.


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