China MOCKS America: Wuhan is a PARTY CITY!

The Chinese laugh at America now. Mission partially accomplished.

While Democrats used the Wuhan virus to attempt their coup of Trump, China reverts back to normal. Along with Democrats, the Chinese hope to pick up the pieces of a Biden economy. After all, they paid for it!

Sadly for the Chicoms, that day won’t come. So for now, they must gloat at what they were able to accomplish with the funds gained from a $350 billion trade surplus.

Hard to believe that only 12 months ago the city of Wuhan engendered this nonsense lab-created disease. A disease used by Leftists to devastate economies all over the world.

At the time, Chinese officials imposed a 76-day lockdown. Eventually they warned the world about the disease, and managed to take no blame.

For Wuhan, the lockdown ended. And today the city has the vibe like the disease never happened:



As Reuters reports, revelers are once more thronging the nightclubs, bars and restaurants of the central Chinese city of 11 million residents. They’ve discarded the shackles of lockdown and partying hard ready for the dawn of 2021.

It’s like the Wuflu never happened.

The report continues,

Nightlife in Wuhan is back in full swing almost seven months after the city lifted its stringent lockdown and the city’s young partygoers are embracing the catharsis, according to the wire report.

In scenes unimaginable in many cities around the world reeling under a resurgence of the pandemic, young Wuhan residents during a recent night out crowd-surfed, ate street food and packed the city’s nightclubs.

Earlier this month, the city even launched a promotional video to attract tourists.

“From the myriad twinkling lights along the Yangtze River and the amazing dance and music from the Zhiyin cruise, to the glittering light and beautiful voices from the livehouse……give me five! Everyone!” the video enthuses.

As Breitbart News reported, Wuhan began showing the first signs of a coronavirus recovery back in September when local markets reopened.

And why not be the first to reopen? After all, China’s economy was hit the hardest in the lockdowns.

Further, the U.S. will not be friendly to China. Particularly in President Trump’s second term.

The president has already begun clamping down on China. He recently removed hundreds of companies from the various stock exchanges. Next, the president imposed fatwas on many Chinese companies believed to be owned by the state.

Understand, things won’t get any better for the Chinese or their economy, as the largest economy in the world begins the phase out. So for China, they must take fast advantage of the world being closed.

Oh the irony of China being one of the only areas of the world open for business. No masks required. Just bring your currency.



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