Mike Pence More than HINTS at Trump’s Second Term

Let’s face it, when all the real votes are counted, Trump won. I know that statement will limit the reach of this post. Because Leftists hate the truth.

Here’s more truth. When they throw out all the fraudulent votes for Biden, he will be lucky to reach 60 million votes.

Democrats are too stupid to be embarrassed about “selecting” Biden as their faux “president-select”. Imagine picking a 78-year-old demented man to champion your cause. I’d rather suck Whoopi Goldberg’s toes. But for Democrats, the ends justify the means. So, Captain Demento is their public champion.

Now Democrats gloat over a steal. They install a puppet with dementia and his Black call-girl and pretend they received mandates.

Biden bragged to a group of Black so-called leaders about how many votes he got from various groups. This clown and the Black clowns on the call know Biden’s vote count is as fraudulent as Sharpton’s tax returns.

Team Trump knows where things stand.

And I repeat myself when I say that I doubt a Wharton-educated, self-made billionaire who bucked the odds and won the presidency in 2016 will roll over for a feeble old 47-year do-nothing stooge like Biden.

So game on. And that’s what VP Mike Pence said at a recent event in Florida:


As our election contest continues, I’ll make you a promise.

We’re going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. We’re gonna keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out.

We’re gonna win Georgia, we’re going to save America, and we will never stop fighting to make America great again! You watch.

Consider how pensive Pence behaves. He’s not prone to hyperbole. In fact, he measures his words carefully. But he didn’t mince words in that speech.

For the most part, Pence has really been in the background of the Trump administration. Rarely is he mentioned as a candidate in 2024, pushed aside for others. But his time may be nigh.

That was the most bold speech I’ve heard from Pence. And if…excuse me, when he saves the Trump second term, he will be firmly in the spotlight.

Plus, who better to take over than the man who watched the dirtiest Leftist politics in history than Trump’s VP.

Jan 6 could be Pence’s coming out party. A show that quiet doesn’t mean meek and submissive. Further, if politics are cleaned up at that point, a good Christian man might actually stand a chance.

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Pence said two interesting things. We will count all the legal votes. But we will not count all the illegal votes.

Like millions of true Americans, I await the outcome of this situation. This is not like the Durham report, though that report has bearing. The future of America lies in the balance of things with the election results. Will America become a Third-World craphole where votes don’t count. Or will the rule of law be re-established and hundreds of Leftists be arrested for sedition? Given Pence’s tone, I suggest the latter.

Despite what the fake news media reports, Trump remains in the driver’s seat. Thankfully, because 78-year-olds with dementia should drive a golf cart.



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