Official: President Trump WILL NOT Concede

In what drives Democrats crazy, the president vows to never concede. And this means bad news for Democrats.

Because they never anticipated this much of a fight. Secretly, they hoped for no fight at all. Democrats wrongly believed that they could embarrass Trump into concession.

After all, they set the whole thing up. Fake “Biden winning” polls followed by the massive cheat.

Prior to this, they floated the idea of Trump not leaving office. And recall that Pelosi said she would remove him from office.

None of that will occur. Trump will remain in office, and ultimately serve his well-deserved second term.

Dan Scavino, The White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media posted a series of tweets late last night that many took as a ominous sign of what’s coming, but then he also made a Facebook post stating “President Trump Will Not Be Conceding”.

This is an official statement from the White House official. I think we all knew this already, however, it’s official now.

I did a KEV Talks on this very subject. I explained that Trump will NEVER give up.

We will be bringing a mountain of evidence to support my declaration. This news will come as Christmas to most.

Because Trump is more than “not giving up”. He’s planning on winning.

Here’s what to look for over the next few days. The media’s continual discussion of Trump “stealing” the election. As the idea of Trump winning begins to gel with the Leftists, they will get desperate. Then, claim Trump is stealing what he rightfully won.

Next, we will be told that if Trump wins, all hell will break lose. These actions are by the playbook. Threaten the country if the will of the people is met.

But it won’t work.

If what I believe to be true happens, President Trump is prepared for it. We will update more on this soon, as we have more proof!


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