Trump Playing the Long Game and WINNING!

President Trump won on election night. The ass-kicking he gave Joe Biden and the Deep State was one for the record books.

So why must we wait to slap the smug smile off the face of the cheaters? Because anything less doesn’t drain the swamp.

I’ve given a KEV Talks that highlights much of what I’m about to write.

But daily we get a few additions to bolster my prediction of Trump’s second term.

First, the president’s legal team presented cases to the Supreme Court. The president’s team learned from the screwup by Texas. Thus, they filed their case under Article 3 and not Article 2. This pretty much guarantees that SCOTUS must hear the case.

Next, the president is now in possession of the report from the Director of National Intelligence. That report proves beyond a doubt that the election was tainted. The report specifically references “foreign interference” in our 2020 Presidential Election.

In another interesting twist of fate, Barr is leaving the administration. We’ve been lead to believe that Barr’s departure is acrimonious. While the president has publicly questioned Barr on his handling of the Hunter Biden situation, that could be political theater.

Some believe that Barr’s departure allows him to be called as a witness. After all, he possesses tremendous knowledge in the Russian witch-hunt, as well as other more sensitive areas.

On the subject of the Russia farce, Barr upgraded Durham from special investigator to special counsel. This move expanded Durham’s reach.

Why take us through the entire process?

First, the Democrats asked for it. Second, in order for America to return to greatness, we must drain the swamp.

While I’m sure President Trump preferred to get his rightful win on election night, he indicated that he didn’t expect that to happen. Trump warned of mail-in ballots, which seem to be second biggest source of election fraud, second only to manipulation of the Dominion Voting Machines.

So if Trump knew the fraud would occur, it makes sense he planned on how to expose it.

We are where we are. Fighting things out in the court of public opinion. For those keeping score, Trump wins easily in this arena. Nobody believes Biden won legitimately.

But there are the other courts. And on those fronts, Trump allows the civil, criminal, and federal courts to fail. He challenges governors and state legislators to do the right thing. Further, he asks election officials to stop the cheat.

And when all that fails, President Trump has then allowed all the constitutional actions to occur. Thus, he is free to use military tribunals.

What does Trump have? Everything.

He has all the data from NSA. And what about all the information stored on the Kraken supercomputer and other systems most are not familiar with.

The electoral college has dual electors from 7 state legislatures.

Then there is the VP. Mike Pence determines if he will accept the election results on Jan 6 of 2021. On that day expect over a million patriots to be in DC.

More on Pence in a separate message.

The Insurrection Act.

Interestingly, Democrats tried to sneak something in the recent Wuflu relief bill that signaled they know what’s about to happen.

If the president signed that atrocious act, he would have essentially negated the Insurrection Act. Why essentially?

House Amendment 833, which was agreed to in the House of Representatives back in July 2020, would have required a president to make “certifications to Congress” before invoking the Insurrection Act. The amendment didn’t make it into the final bill. However, it does show that Democrats see what’s coming.

So the Insurrection Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Emergency Act, the 14th Amendment, the 2018 Executive Order allow for the rejection of the election based on Foreign Interference. The report from DNI Ratcliffe verifies that foreign interference occurred.

Consider the broad reach of the Patriot Act, and the new understanding of the first attempted coup against President Trump, now verified as well.

Unlike Mueller’s and other scam Leftist investigations of Trump, he has sworn affidavits from witnesses of massive voter fraud or irregularities. More than one team of data experts have presented irrefutable information regarding the impossibility of the voting numbers for Biden.

And what about those pardons? Will these people now testify about all they know?

Consider all the data being analyzed, the videos, emails, phone calls, bank transfer statements showing the coordination of the coup. How many people were involved and if only ONE made a mistake.

The dominoes.

Crooked governors and secretaries of state certified the illegal ballots. And all the dots connect to the Democrats, including Joe Biden. The man didn’t stop campaigning just because he’s a feeble old man. He did what he was told.

And if Biden thinks Trump doesn’t know when, where and how much money Biden’s family got from the Chinese, he is more demented than previously believed. The same is true for other crooked politicians on the take from China.

There are more signs, but I think you get the picture.

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