You can sum up Fox News’ ratings woes in two words: DEAD LAST! And I have two reasons to celebrate.

Reason One for me to celebrate: Fox News fired me (big mistake) for a truthful tweet. I tweeted that Blasey-Ford and Swetnick are lying skanks for accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of unbelievable acts when he was a teen. And I was right.

Fox News demanded that I apologize for the tweet, and I told them to go have sex with themselves. I don’t apologize for tweeting (or other means of communicating) the truth.

About a minute after their phone call, Fox News fired me publicly.

It didn’t take long for Fox News to learn the truth, however; though they knew I was right even at the time. Still, after validation that Blasey-Ford and Swetnick are indeed lying skanks, Fox News neither apologized (for calling my actions “reprehensible”), nor did they offer me my job back.

That was their “white feminist privilege” to exercise. And as I said earlier, a huge mistake on their part. Because I “brought it” with every interview.

Not bragging, but I was on point in my interviews. I spoke honestly and truthfully and provided knowledge to back up my positions. And millions of people loved my work. Even after being off TV for over two years, I’m recognized by people who remember my work at Fox News. And being completely honest, I haven’t missed being on there at all.

Still, I now choose to dance (kronk) on their rotting corpse.

As for the second reason I celebrate the demise of Fox News, a demise I predicted on my radio show and elsewhere, SEE REASON ONE.

Ok. Seriously, the second reason I celebrate the demise of Fox News is their downfall showcases survival of the fittest. What I and others now know of the people running the show at Fox News can be summed up in one word: incompetence.

The not-so-conservative Leftist feminist-controlled network learned a cruel lesson. Abandon your core principles and audience at your own peril. And don’t fire your BEST PEOPLE!

Fair and balanced was the mantra of Fox News during the Roger Ailes era. The objective was balance, and the ultimate goal was truth. Fox News abandoned this, as the network purged some its most successful men from the lineup.

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling tweeted about the demise of Fox News:

In the latest numbers released by data firm Nielsen, Fox News was beaten by both MSNBC and CNN.

As Business Insider confirms, these ratings are the worst performance for Fox News since 2000:

CNN and MSNBC scored both higher ratings than Fox News at the same time for the first time since 2000 as their viewership boomed during last week’s storming of the US Capitol.

Data firm Nielsen said that MSNBC and CNN both beating Fox News in the ratings last week was the first time that had happened since September 24, 2000, according to Mediaite.

The networks saw viewership soar as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, and that gap grew during their coverage of the event in the following days.

According to the Daily Beast, this is what the viewership figures looked like:

On Wednesday, CNN averaged 5.941 million total viewers, while MSNBC averaged 4.543 million and Fox News averaged 3.464 million.

On Thursday, CNN averaged 3.854 million total viewers, MSNBC averaged 3.321 million, and Fox averaged 1.935 million.

On Friday, CNN had 3.121 million total viewers, MSNBC had 2.816 million and Fox News had 1.702 million.

The three networks were the most-watched in the US for that period.

CNN and MSNBC also led Fox News in key demographics.


Wednesday, the day of the siege, was also the most-watched day in CNN’s history and MSNBC’s highest-rated week ever.

Embarrassing numbers. And owners at Fox News know what they must do: dump the management team.

They shifted from reporting truth, to joining the fake news bandwagon. Good luck competing with the fake news bunch.

Don’t sweat it, Conservatives. The other fake news media won’t survive the coming onslaught either.

Right now the media still depends on Donald Trump for their news. But when Trump lands on some social media platform or starts giving interviews away from the fake news pukes, they will come running.

Also, new media emerged, and the Left call this media “conservative”. But all the new conservative media is, is truth in media. Media has lacked truth for decades.

Trump recognizes the new “truth” media. Watch as these media outlets continue to gain ratings and stature. Meanwhile Fox News will continue its death march. Just like I predicted almost three year ago.





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