Pelosi’s Fear: MASSIVE Military Presence in DC

Some Americans believe President Trump will get his second term. They believe this despite Trump’s concession speech.

In that speech the president called for unity. And he vowed to make a smooth transition to the next administration. Interestingly he didn’t mention Biden by name. So what exactly is “the next administration”?

Moreover, President Trump declared he would not attend Biden’s inauguration. Again, a dig at the notion that Biden will never have an inauguration.

And now we get another development. In what may signal President Trump’s final straw in the attack on him by Leftists, we learn that more military arrived in DC. A highly visible military presence.

Note the tweet below, dated 1/10/21.

more and more military arrive in Washington DC something is about to happen that the arrests begin all traitors must pay their guilt. TRUMP must continue 4 more years, that is the will of the People.

More validation of the previous tweet, as Haley Kennington posted another video of troops in DC:

The Most Admired Man allowed the Left to play out their scenario to the bitter end.

The most admired man in America. Who could blame him for being bitter after earning that title. Trump trusted that the system would root out the swamp rats.

Obvious cheating occurred in this bogus election. But even if you didn’t believe Democrats cheated, what’s wrong with an audit to verify some of the more egregious claims. We all know the answer to that.

A forensic audit of Dominion voting machines and the vote-stealing shenanigans of Leftists would validate what we already know. How can 10,315 dead people vote in Georgia? Or thousands of underage voters, people who left the state?

While the media and the social media giants continue to lie, they’ve gone much further. Facebook, Twitter, and others now collude in The Purge.

The Purge

Both Facebook and Twitter banned Trump for life from their platforms. Twitter has purged the accounts of every notable Conservative. James Woods lost thousands of followers, as have I.

Apple demanded that Parler, a conservative-owned alternative to Twitter change its terms and conditions. If they don’t capitulate, Apple threatened to ban them from the iStore. Apple followed through with this threat. Other Leftist-run or Leftist-sympathizing organization have threatened Parler with the same. In other words, Democrats and other Leftists choose to silence Conservatives or make us submit to their will.

If Trump needed another reason to go jungle on these Leftists, I’d say they’ve given it to him.

Talks of impeachment…again. Further, Leftists threaten the president with invoking the 25th Amendment. All to get Trump to leave office before January 20. Why are Democrats in such a panic to do this?

Pelosi said it’s because Trump shouldn’t have access to the military or the nuclear codes.

Certainly Pelosi doesn’t think a man who negotiated peace in the Middle East and got America out of two wars would start dropping nukes. But Pelosi does have reason to be worried about the military presence in DC.

The 2018 EO covers foreign interference in our elections. We knew this occurred before we got this news about Italy:

And Trump’s EO covers those who helped in the attempted coup. Like Facebook’s Zuckerberg.

This might explain Zuckerberg’s crackdown on Trump.

Is turnabout fair play? We may know within days. I know millions of Americans hope for mass arrests made by the military. What a joy it would be to see Zuckerberg and others arrested for treason, en masse.



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