Texas Supreme Court Sides With Attorney General

Throughout this scamdemic, Texas leaders continue to fight to salvage the economy.

One such leader is TX AG Ken Paxon. His latest battle was to keep the bars and restaurants from facing another round of outrageous restrictions.

As KXAN reported:

The Texas Supreme Court has blocked Austin and Travis County’s orders restricting restaurants’ operations to takeout only between certain hours overnight.

The decision came the evening of Jan. 1, after the rules went into effect on New Year’s Eve, hours after a district court judge sided with Austin and Travis County in allowing the restrictions to happen.

The Supreme Court sided with the Texas Attorney General’s request to halt enforcement of the rule while the case is going through the appeals process.

Let me save you a little bit of time. Once this case is fully resolved, freedom will prevail.

I don’t know about other states, but here in Texas, one must pass a short class in government and economics in order to graduate high school. Theoretically, that means those of us adults native to the Lone Star State possess a basic understanding of the constitution. As such, it’s a bit confusing to see so many people fooled by these so-called mandates.

However, somehow the moment Trump stepped into the Oval Office, common sense exited the left side of the country. And the more these leftists get away with, the further they push their cause.

While Paxon works the case through the courts, city officials continue to instill fear while restricting freedom on every possible level.

Needless Action

Honesty, it’s not OK to drive around bullying people, but that’s exactly what liberals endorse. How much sense does it make to hand out “free money” while simultaneously stifling businesses trying to keep the economy moving?

KXAN adds:

City code enforcement officials, police and those with the fire marshal’s office were out patrolling for violators. The Fire Marshal told KXAN they noted at least two establishments in violation of the curfew order, as well as other COVID-19 safety orders including mask mandates.

Earlier on Friday, Mayor Steve Adler told KXAN as many as 20 citations could be given. At the time, city officials said the citations were expected to be filed Monday, but they didn’t have a total number, due to the fact that so many different city and county agencies were responding to enforce the orders.

It is likely the final decision in the appeal will affect whether violators of the city order will have to pay the fine.

Isn’t that ironic? The same government that decided we are all destitute and in need of a giant handout just to survive also wants to fine those who decided to work anyway.

Eventually, the laws established by our constitution will prevail. Rest assured of that. As Paxon put it,

“Local declarations cannot order needless shutdowns in conflict with the governor’s order, and these orders demonstrated blatant contempt for the citizens and businesses of our great state,” Paxton wrote. “The Court was right to end these oppressive, illegal city and county declarations and I wish every Texan and Texas business a happy and safe New Year.”

If only New York, California, and the rest of Libtard Nation was smart enough to follow Paxon’s logic.



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