Demented Biden: Women Can Do Anything Better than Men

Why isn’t Biden’s latest comment on women banned as “fake news”?

Yet again, Joey Demento tries to score political points by spewing lies. Watch here as Father of the Year attempts to explain the value of women:

I dare Leftists to look into Biden’s family, particularly his daughters. A tragic tale for sure. One of his daughters “experimented” with nymphomania. The little I know about the story, I suggest that particular daughter had “daddy” issues. That’s usually the case when a “dad” doesn’t have a good relationship with his daughter.

But I’m sure if you push Biden on it, he will brag about his ability as a father. Perhaps tell us that he got a scholarship, no a FULL scholarship to “Dad” school where he graduated in the top 5 percent of his class.

And like his actual academic resume, that would be a lie.

Back to Biden’s stupid statement. Women can do anything better than any man? ANYTHING!

Before I rip Biden a new butthole, I want to be clear. I adore women. I love seeing successful women, and know many. But the ones I know aren’t caught up on being women, but on being excellent.

And while the strong women I know are proud women, they are more proud humans. Strong women realize their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, they grow their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

By the way, this is how most smart humans operate. But Leftists are obsessed with these superficial issues. Like how well do the LGBTQ compare to other humans in non-consequential things.

As an example, I know that no woman on Earth can outrun Usain Bolt. No woman on Earth will defeat the strongest man in a strong man competition. Physiological facts. But does this diminish women? Of course not.

In the scheme of things, who cares who runs faster? It’s interesting to note how fast humans can run or how much a human can lift. But is that really something significant in the human condition? Not really.

So, what is Leftists’ obsession with this from a gender perspective?

There are many women stronger than I. Ask me if I care. Many are smarter than I. Again, ask me if I care.

What I care about is how to be the best me. When did we lose sight of this? I’m not part of any collective. I don’t strive to be faster than Usain Bolt or stronger than Hercules. Perhaps, because I realize my limitations.¬†As I like to say, every woman can’t be a Victoria’s Secret model, and every man can’t dance for The Chippendales. But Democrats see this fact as “discrimination”.

None of us are equal. Every person can one-up another in their strengths, no matter who you compare them to. Einstein was better than I in Physics. However, I’m much better in say, fashion.

When will America go back to simply appreciating people as humans? I say to smart Americans, resist this type of pigeon-holing. And stand strong when confronted with this fake ass “woke” nonsense.



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