Disaster Displays Captain Demento’s Downfalls

Did we really need the presser to cement what the world already knows: Joe Biden is not fit to stand as the leader of the Free World.

But then again, neither is Kamala Harris.

No shocker there.

The Democrat’s plot to steal the White House, you know, Joe lost, but then he won, will not and is not turning out the way they planned. And even though leftists know it, they’ve yet to admit their very big blunder.

The ultimate steal for Joe Biden and the three percenter, Kamala Harris, was going to be everything Democrats ever wanted – like when Chuck Schumer yelled when we win the Senate “We will change the world.” All we needed at the end of that ominous threat was Howard Dean’s squeal.

This newly minted Biden-Harris administration is at the epicenter of the globe; unfortunately, it’s nothing that the Left thinks it is. It’s getting pretty bad out there. And we already look like the biggest joke there is. Other world leaders are watching, some with glee, some with disdain, and all with disbelief.

The President is out of it.

Joe’s fake news conference demonstrated just how far gone Biden really is. Look, I liked Joe over the years, but was never impressed by him. Joe just was. Kind of like a lump on a log. He was unremarkable as a Senator, and yet I gave him kudos for being a family man. Of course, I wasn’t aware that he spun a tangled web of deception- lying about the circumstances of his wife and newborn daughter’s deaths. Certainly, that would have sounded my alarms much sooner.

Clearly, my opinion needed a dose of reality. Joe Biden turned out to be one of the most deceptive, corrupt politicians in modern history. And, judging from Hunter, Captain Demento is not a very good father either. I’m sure he loves his kids, in some twisted form of affection. But Joe used and abused his son – who struggled with serious crack addiction alongside other addictions to money, power, danger, and dirty women- just to make himself and his family rich. Can you imagine?

Any parent that struggles to help a child with any addiction issue knows you don’t put them in situations where their instability can spark a domino effect of other issues of instability. But by all means, send him to Ukraine, Russia, and China. The only reason Hunter wasn’t murdered was that there was something in it for these abjectly corrupt countries: money, influence, and power. They eventual buyout of America. And so, Joe Biden put his son up against some of the most ruthless countries in the world. That doesn’t earn you Father of the Year. In fact, it doesn’t earn one ounce of respect. Joe Biden is a horrible father, as it turns out. But hey, at least he’s rich…

Watching President Biden is hard to stomach.

Yes, I’m a conservative. But I take no joy in watching Biden be humiliated on every level, every day, and every hour. It is one of the saddest and most pathetic things I’ve ever witnessed, and yet Joe seemingly deserves what he’s getting. It’s hard for me to stomach, nonetheless.

And now with the train wreck of his first presser, world leaders are frothing at the mouth. My father would describe this as a pack of wolves going after a sheep. Getting ready for the slaughter, in other words. And why wouldn’t they? Biden’s an easy target on a world stage. The most incompetent leader on the planet.

It’s a mess.

Democrats now face buyer’s remorse. But here’s the thing about Liberals– they fail to look beyond the greed of the power grab. Anticipating short term and long term outcomes isn’t exactly priority. They see money or power and run with it. The only goals remain to push the liberal agenda and blame Trump simultaneously.

Leftists sent us on a downward spiral, and it’s only the beginning. Every Conservative that voted for Joe because they couldn’t stand Trump is getting what they deserve. However, we pay the toll right along with them as our gas and milk prices skyrocket.

Of course, liberals always eat their own. And when the fractures start, there will be a lot of cannibalism going on. Kamala Harris is one of the most disloyal and opportunistic humans around. She prostituted herself for power with Willie Brown, and she continues to do so. She is inept. The Kamala Harris appointment will blow up even bigger than the Biden steal.

From a Veteran on Facebook:

“Imagine how us Veterans feel right now? Why in the hell did we serve?? For this?? To be oppressed by our government and our rights stomped on every day by the elitist smh??”

The Biden-Harris fiasco spits in the face of every liberty-loving Veteran that served this country honorably. It must be horrific to watch as the Left and this looney pair disrespect our country every day. They wouldn’t last a day in a Veterans’ shoes.

I thought Obama was weak, and that it couldn’t get any worse. I’ve learned to never say never.

Watch Benny Johnson

If you haven’t hooked on to Benny Johnson’s videos on FB, you should. He was in complete disbelief after watching Biden try to answer contrived questions by selected journalists. Puffball questions, at best. (Of course, Biden didn’t call on Fox’s Peter Doocy. He was probably told not to. Imagine that.)

Benny Johnson was stunned that Biden “doesn’t even have command of the issues.” He continued with numerous “it’s a disaster.” And it is! The Biden-Harris administration is a disaster. With no relief in sight!

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