Fox News Calls Out Biden for BLATANT Hypocrisy

Why Republicans would trust Democrats is beyond me. These people are lying scumbags, pure and simple.

How people remain loyal to the Democrat party surprises me. It’s only a matter of time before these clowns eat their own.

In one of their many recent hypocrisies, leftists were asked about the filibuster.

Fox News’s Peter Doocy on Friday read a statement out loud from Joe Biden from back in 2005 during a press conference in which he clearly supported the filibuster.

When it was convenient, Joey Demento used the filibuster on behalf of Democrats. But now that The Big Cheat put all the winning cards in the hands of Democrats, they want to change the rules.

Today, the same thing: What Biden called an attack on the Constitution is now “a relic of the Jim Crow Era.”

In case you weren’t aware, the Jim Crow Era remains intact. Only Democrats are much more sophisticated in their racism.

[Biden] said in a statement: “Instead of celebrating the rights of all Georgians to vote or winning campaigns on the merits of their ideas, Republicans in the state instead rushed through an un-American law to deny people the right to vote. This law, like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country, is a blatant attack on the constitution and good conscience.”

It’s perplexing in this day and age that Democrats deny the need for voter identification. Of course, requiring proof of person will likely shrink the left’s voter rolls. But we have an unfortunate legacy of voter fraud that goes back as far as anyone cares to study. Thus, it is our duty to shrink the likelihood of such fraud.

Clearly, manipulating election results is much harder when voters are forced to legitimately hold such privilege.  Which is why Democrats want nothing to do with voting above board. And their constant hypocrisy proves as much.



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