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Joe Biden’s TERRORIST Problem at the Border

Captain Demento, aka Joe Biden faces a serious border problem. And not just the optics of putting three times more children in cages than President Trump.

While Biden weakened America with his immigration cattle call, the surge of illegals into the country is only his first problem. Clearly, the much bigger fallout from his treason lies with the terrorists who joined the caravans of illegals.

According to testimony by Customs and Border Protection, four people on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database have been arrested at the southern border since the beginning of October.

The report comes one day after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke at a press conference of this very problem. And like clockwork, congressional Democrats accused McCarthy of lying.

McCarthy commented that people on the terrorist watch list from Yemen, Iran and Turkey have been caught trying to cross the southern border.

“When you go up to Monument Three and you talk to those agents, it’s not just people from Mexico or Honduras or El Salvador. They’re now finding people from Yemen, Iran, Turkey,” McCarthy said on Monday outside a migrant processing center in El Paso. “People on the terrorist watch list they are catching.”

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona tweeted the same day, that he was “pretty sure” McCarthy was “either wrong or lying.”

Well, it was neither. McCarthy told the truth.

What McCarthy said was confirmed by Axios the very next day. Indeed on Tuesday, CBP confirmed that they had arrested four people on the Terrorist Screening Database since Oct. 1, three of which were from Yemen and one who was from Serbia, citing a congressional aide that was briefed on the conversation.

If you think Gallego was alone in concocting a false narrative, think again.

Check out all the media outlets who picked up McCarthy’s comments, covering them as if McCarthy made up the story: The Washington Post, the Daily BeastMSNBCBusiness Insider, the Independent and Vox.

Below is an example of just one. The Washington Post not only wrote of their lie, but used social media to showcase Gallego’s false narrative:

But things didn’t end there, as the lie continued.

Texas Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar said after McCarthy’s press conference that McCarthy’s claims of terrorists crossing the border were being used to “fuel the divisions” in America. And let’s not leave out her “racist” implication that McCarthy’s comments “stoke fear and anger towards immigrants.”

The Independent reported on her comments:

“We saw my Republican colleagues stoke fear and anger toward immigrants, fuelling that xenophobia. You know, the whole immigrants-bringing-diseases-into-our-country kind of thing,” Escobar said.

Remember what President Trump said of people crossing the border? Trump warned criminals were coming over. But he was attacked for speaking the truth! Well, the truth will haunt the Democrats.

Sadly for them, Joey Demento is but a pawn in all of this. A tool of the highest order. And he is not prepared to deal with the real-world situations that face a president.

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