Where the HECK is John Durham?

Where is the H-E-double crooked socks is John Durham? This man turned out to be a real letdown, as conservative Americans waited on his report.

Durham replaced John Huber, an-Obama-appointed bag man for the Clintons. Along with millions of other Americans, I cheered this replacement. Finally, America would get justice in the form of the Clintons doing the perp walk.

That didn’t happen. This caused me to take a different look at John Durham. My conclusion? He’s a tool. And I’m not the only person who wonders if the man even really exists.

From We Love Trump,

I was writing an article about John Durham and his missing “Durham Report”.

I wanted to include a picture of the man that no one had used before because I kept seeing the same 4-5 pictures used for every article about John Durham.

As I went to search, I noticed something VERY odd.

Those same 4-5 pictures are ALL that exists of the man anywhere on the Internet.

Go ahead and try yourself, search around, you will only find the same 4-5 pictures.

Not only that but he’s surrounded by the same people in each photo.

Almost as if they are fake.

So then I thought, ok, let’s find a video of him and I can use a still screenshot from the video for a picture.

Guess what?

No video exists.

I’m talking no video of any kind, talking about any topic, from any year.

The man who allegedly has had a 30 year public career as a high profile prosecutor, the man who allegedly “took down” Whitey Bulger, has exactly ZERO videos of him on the Internet.

Anyone find that odd?

Me too.

I then challenged the 10 million readers per month of this site to find me any video of John Durham.

It took about 2 weeks but eventually one lady did fine about a 1-2 second clip of him walking for a brief instant.

So I have to credit that one video does exist.

But nothing else.

Weird, right?

So then I started asking….does this man even exist?

What if the whole thing was just a big fake?

Durham does exist. Remember, he prosecuted Kevin Clinesmith. The FBI attorney who created the massive lie of Russian collusion.

Yes, justice was served. In the morass where America spent $40 million, we got our man!

Anybody remember what jail we buried Clinesmith under? Well if you don’t, it’s because Clinesmith didn’t do any time. That fooled walked away with probation.

And now it looks unlikely that anyone will really feel the hammer drop.

But if you recall, Barr one sang a very different tune.

In April 2019, before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, former Attorney General William Barr testified: “Spying on a campaign is a big deal; I think spying did occur. The question is whether it was adequately predicated. I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred; I am concerned about it. There is a basis for my concern.”

So where are the indictments? Last year, the DOJ decided to let McCabe walk, despite the role he played in Operation Hurricane. Comey also walked, escaping charges for his inappropriate behavior towards Donald Trump, including releasing classified information.

And sure as I stand here, its looking like Hilary Clinton somehow scored a lifetime get out of jail free card. So what was the point of a John Durham investigation? Perhaps “investigation” is just DC code word for “carry on crooked one.”

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