Disenfranchising True Americans

Democrats have proven time and time again, they can’t manage, well – anything really.

Take a look at the major cities that are run by Liberals and you will see very corrupt, dangerous, and mismanaged jurisdictions.

Liberals have no solutions to anything. They don’t understand the fundamentals of business. These leftists raise taxes to pay for the obscene mistakes of their mismanagement. They are champions for bailouts because they constantly need to be bailed out.

But the realization that Liberals actually don’t fix anything is coming to light. Their ideas are vacant as they set out to bankrupt entire cadres of working-class Americans. Their goal is to disenfranchise the Right and any opposing groups through voter suppression, illegal and illegitimate elections, and changing demographics through targeted illegal immigration.

Because of their failures, they are changing the demographics to set new voting blocks to be their new crop of pawns. You see, Blacks and Hispanics are getting sick and tired of Liberals using and abusing them. The Left elitists are the biggest racists around. They’re just selling a story about white privilege in the hopes people will buy it and feel guilty.

In this Fox News article,Tucker Carlson said:

Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party’s political ambitions. Let’s say that again for emphasis, because it is the secret to the entire immigration debate: Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party’s political ambitions. In order to win and maintain power. Democrats plan to change the population of the country. They’re no longer trying to win you over with their program. They’re obviously not trying to improve your life. They don’t even really care about your vote anymore. Their goal is to make you irrelevant.

Let that sink in: Their goal is to make you irrelevant.

He further states:

When you change who votes, you change who wins. That fact has nothing inherently to do with race or nationality. It’s the nature of democracy. It is always true. You can watch it happen for yourself and you probably have.
But as your state swelled with foreign voters, your views became irrelevant. Your political power, the power to control your own life, disappeared with the arrival of new people who diluted your vote. That was the whole point.

If this isn’t a strong wake-up call outlining the Democrat’s sinister goal, you aren’t paying attention. Maybe you don’t want to. It’s a lot of work to assess the information and analyze it for truth and accuracy. But this didn’t just happen; it’s been in the works for decades.

The Liberal party is systematically changing the demographics of our democracy for their own gain. This has been a methodical transformation right under everyone’s nose, and yet we shut up when we say it’s unethical, because we get called racist and xenophobic. Liberals know no shame.

The truth is the Left is louder than the Right. Certainly, they have bigger bullhorns to scream through like CNN, MSNBC, and Big Tech. It’s all very sinister, like in a movie about the creepy old scientist that wants to change the world. Oh wait – isn’t that what Chuck Schumer said he wants to do, too – change the world?

Change the World

There are videos where Chuck used to care – not necessarily in the same way as the Right cared, but there were some shared values. Those that put America first. That Chuck Schumer is long gone – disappeared, along with every other Democratic leader and voter.

Consider being born in America, working your whole life, paying taxes, donating when and where you can, believing in God, community, and fellowship, and striving to live and achieve the American dream. Only to find out your neighbors and your government leaders have been plotting to take away every one of your unalienable rights, for power and greed. Imagine them calling you every name in the book when you object. Then, imagine them physically harming you and your family. Imagine them boycotting your family business to teach you to not speak out.

My question is: when will this government programming that changes how you think be enough? When will their manipulating what you hear, and berating you into compliance to follow the rules the way they’ve laid them out be enough to fight back? When will their wanton disregard for your voice and vote be enough to fight? It must be now.

It’s curious that the Left is the party that wants to do away with rules and laws. Defund the police, remove laws that deter crime, and yet, they are manipulating the populous to be conformists and not individual thinkers; therefore cancel any patriots and their fighting spirit by instilling – rules. But their rules, not the constitution.

Get it?

Their changing of the election laws, taking away all measures of voting integrity and accountability, while infusing our counties with illegal immigrants is here. They are inciting race wars and manipulating all free thinkers by way of droning media spewing their lies. It is upon us. This is a systemic mind warp designed to mute contrary thought while taking away your rights to be heard as a voting block.

This is changing the course of history, as it works to wipe out the Right and opposing views by rendering all irrelevant. Tucker Carlson was right.

Take note.

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