Leftists’ SICK Way of Dismantling the Police

Leftists will soon live their policies, at least as policy pertains to policing.

Cities wish to defund the police, but that may not need to happen. Apparently, police have had enough. Look at Portand, Oregon for a Leftist petri dish of moral decay. These idiots don’t need a reason for anarchy. So the trial of Derek Chauvin provides a great excuse. Thus, this weekend the rioters set fire to a police station… again. Worse, and the police are still leaving the force in droves. The citizens will soon follow.

From the article:

Overworked, overwhelmed and burned out’: Why Portland cops say they’re leaving in droves

Since July 1, 115 officers have left the Police Bureau, including 74 who retired and 41 who resigned. Two more will resign by the end of this month.

There is still a hiring freeze in place for any new officers, while 93 uniformed positions and 43 civilian offices remain vacant. Yet, the city council says it doesn’t want to abolish the police. Leftism 001: say the opposite of what you really mean.

And it’s only going to get worse. But that’s great news for sanity.

Leftists rarely live their insanity. They pass laws and spew nonsense that they have no intention of following. When you live in this binary, delusional world, you don’t understand the real world.

For example, Leftists whine for “livable” wages, while asking for a universal basic income that will be nowhere close to a livable wage. Next, they demand $15 per hour minimum wages, which will cause their UBI to go down dramatically.

Put another way, if they are given a UBI of $20,000 per year, once the minimum wage doubles, their UBI is cut in half. But don’t think these braindead morons will make the connection. As they will cry to have their UBI doubled.

In the case of police, the scenarios that will play out are an easy calculus.

Soon, cities who force their police departments to disband will be uninhabitable. Such is the current situation in the Leftist Utopias of Seattle and Portland. Even other Leftists are leaving these cities in droves.

Here is how one Portlander describes the place:

Portland, Oregon, has been the most politically violent city in the United States since Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Just a few days after the result, a peaceful protest against the incoming president turned into a riot when anarchists broke off from the main group and rampaged through the Pearl District, a renovated SoHo-like neighborhood adjacent to downtown packed with art galleries, loft apartments, bookstores, and restaurants. Vandals used baseball bats and rocks to break cars, plate glass windows, bus shelters, electrical boxes, and anything else that looked smashable.

The election-night mayhem was not an attack against Republican voters. Donald Trump received a paltry 7.5 percent of the vote in that precinct. It was an assault on the urban middle class and bourgeois society itself, and it was perceived as such by most people who lived there. (The protest organizers, not incidentally, raised tens of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe and disbursed checks to damaged businesses.)

I was born and raised in Oregon, and it’s where I live now. I spent most of my adulthood in Portland and all of my childhood less than an hour away, and I instinctively knew that the violent postelection spasm was but an opening salvo. I was not proven wrong by events. Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, left-wing extremists battled it out with right-wing extremists in and around downtown, turning the central business district into a Thunderdome and the city as a whole into a poster child for urban dysfunction.

To bring Trump into the mix is laughable. Still, the point is made that Portland is a powder keg of Leftist idiocy waiting to blow on, well…anything.

Check out what the Mayor of Portland tweeted during routine riots:

 “ENOUGH,” he tweeted on May 30th, 2020, after riots got going in earnest. “I had to leave Portland today because my mother is dying. I am with family to prepare for her final moments. This is hard, this is personal, but so is watching my city get destroyed. I’m coming back NOW. You will be hearing from me, @PortlandPolice, community leaders.”

As the article reminded us:

If Portland is a poster child for urban dysfunction, the poster child for fecklessness in the city is Mayor Ted Wheeler. Trumpworld media likes to portray him as a far-left Democrat who’s complicit in the city’s destruction, but the truth is he’s a squishy, conventional Democrat who feebly attempted to stake out a centrist position.

Again, the author’s Leftist angle is clear. But no amount of salve will heal Portland’s self-inflicted wounds. It’s not the mayor’s “centrist position” killing his city. It’s his Leftist positions.

Police leaving their jobs gave exit interviews. Here were some of the frank write-ups:

“The community shows zero support. The city council are raging idiots, in addition to being stupid. Additionally, the mayor and council ignore actual facts on crime and policing in favor of radical leftist and anarchists fantasy. What’s worse is ppb command (lt. and above) is arrogantly incompetent and cowardly,” one retiring detective wrote.

“The only differences between the Titanic and PPB?” he continued. “Deck chairs and a band.”

I say to cities run by pragmatists, do not allow these boneheads to move to your cities and change the politics. Be vocal about your beliefs or these Leftists will infect your cities with their cancers.




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