PREDICTION: AZ Will Uncover MASSIVE 2020 Presidential Election Fraud

What will the social media Gestapo do? Because massive election fraud occurred in the 2020 Presidential Election. And Big Tech will be forced to admit it.

No serious Democrat believes that Joe Biden won. I know…old news. Biden didn’t get 82 million votes. And he certainly didn’t get 12 million more votes than Obama at his most popular.

Further, Democrats know that Trump’s popularity far surpassed that of Obama. This is why Trump set records for the number of votes a president (or anybody else) ever got, by far.

Democrats have done everything they can to stop people from discussing the obvious cheat. In any jurisdiction where Republicans want a vote count, Democrats sue or obfuscate in some way to stop the vote count. But they can’t stop what’s happening in Arizona.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, Arizona is leaving no stone unturned in detecting voter fraud.

But despite their best efforts to prevent an audit of the Maricopa County results the forensic audit is taking place today at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The audit is being live-streamed from 9 different angles from the arena floor at

As we reported previously — Inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has a process and the patents surrounding the process where he can identify fraudulent ballots based on the paper used, creases in the paper, the ink on the forms, and other characteristics. Pulitzer can identify fraudulent votes, which will ultimately result in the accurate results of the 2020 election when only valid votes are accounted for.

On Saturday the coliseum cameras caught election workers scanning ballots individually in ultra-violet light.

It appears the election workers are running true forensic testing on the ballots.

I’ve asked the question on my radio show and elsewhere, what happens when we discover the massive fraud that took place?

Ballot-harvesting. Fake ballots. Unmatched signatures. Just about anywhere Leftists could cheat, they did cheat. And soon we may have definitive proof of this.

No waiting on the Durham report. Proof from 9 cameras filming at different angles. No spin, just facts backed by a forensic examination of how The Big Cheat occurred.

Will the Supreme Court be forced to take this case and vote on the results?  Will they even take the case?  They have denied all attempts to hold those accountable for the massive fraud that has happened in our country.  Most people have lost confidence in the Supreme Court.  Except for Judge Clarence Thomas.  He seems to still hold right and wrong to the highest standard.

This was not just fraud, this was a coup attempt to overthrow a duly elected government.

Cyber Ninjas CEO, Doug Logan told reporters that “this forensic audit is beyond foolproof.” Auditors are examining more than 2 million ballots.  The problem with finding the absolute truth within our elections, starting in Arizona, is the other states will have to comply.  As they should.  If one falls, they all fall.

This includes Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and one electoral vote in Nebraska.  What’s more, this includes all down ballots, too.  This fraud wasn’t just about Donald Trump, it was for votes in the House and Senate as well. This discovery will change the majorities.

Get the picture?

The truth that will be uncovered will rock the world in more aspects than just a fraudulent election.  This voter fraud was so massive, it is almost laughable that the Democrats never considered how audacious this win for Biden would be in terms of “not a chance in hell.”

Biden didn’t win.  And yet, all the powers behind this massive fraud never thought to make it a neck and neck race – for believability?  Another way Liberals are foolish, they believe the world is gullible.  So as the dominoes start to tumble and the irrefutable proof comes to light, this will have to be overturned.  It’s the law.

This is the United States of America.  If this election is not overturned when the proof of massive fraud is published, then we are no better than Venezuela with its coerced and corrupt government elections.  But we are better.  We are the United States of America. We are not a third-world country.  And we do not allow corruption to this degree to take over our constitutional rights. This must be rectified.  If not now, then when?

It will be up to the Supreme Court to do the right thing and constitutionally overturn the election in favor of 45, President Donald Trump.  If they refuse, then prepare yourself for a civil war that will require our own military to right the ills of corruption.

My bet is on the military.

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