End Asian Hate: Somebody Tell BLM!

Now when I watch TV, I’m bombarded with public service announcements.  While many are for WuFlu, others are even stranger in their lie. For example, End Asian Hate.

Or something like that. The goal of the PSA was to draw attention to all the new hate Americans now espouse. Asian hate.

As long as I’ve been alive I’ve never known of Asian hate. It’s as if Leftists have run out of ridiculous thing to accuse Americans of hating. So now they are down to ASIANS!

Why? Because of President Trump’s reaction to the China Virus, aka the WuFlu.

Leftist seized on the opportunity to make Trump their whipping boy (again). They accused him of being xenophobic against Chinese, for stopping Chinese from entering the country at the beginning of the WuFlu panic.

Notice how quickly the media fell in line as they stopped collectively and synchronously calling the China Virus, as such. Suddenly COVID-19 was the only acceptable phrase. Then they conveniently blamed President Trump for the non-existent Asian hate.

But is there really Asian hate? Or are crimes against Asians, business as usual?

Well, crime against Asians is nothing new for BLM. As Zero Hedge reported,

From New York to Seattle, hate crimes against Asians are on the rise – which, while we’ve been told can be attributed to white supremacists reacting to former President Trump’s anti-CCP rhetoric, appear to be largely committed by other groups. To wit:

Authored by Lorenz Duchamps via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Prosecutors charged a Seattle man with a felony hate crime after he allegedly threatened multiple Asian-Americans on two separate occasions earlier this month.

Christopher Allen Hamner, a 51-year-old well-known Black Lives Matter activist, was arrested Thursday on accusations of committing malicious harassment in the Seattle area, according to a Seattle Police Department (SPD) blotter.

Holy Mother of Con-Cullers, say it ain’t so. A black member of BLM is a criminal?

Anybody think Allen Hamner commits malicious harassment of Asians because of the WuFlu? Think he’s working with Trump? Or perhaps Hamner just doesn’t like Asians for a host of other racial reasons?

I can’t answer for him. But I do know that these Asian hates crimes aren’t some new spinoff of white supremacy. And if you think blacks avoid addressing black on black crime, I can assure you they’re tight lipped about this “new” Asian hate crime.

However, according to Heather Mac Donald, the best-selling crime specialist, “a black New Yorker is over six times as likely to commit a hate crime against an Asian as a white New Yorker.” Further, in 2020, “blacks made up 50 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in New York City, even though blacks are 24 percent of the city’s population. Whites made up 10 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in 2020 in New York City but account for 32 percent of the city’s population.”

In other words, it’s pretty obvious that Asian hate isn’t some fancy new pass time for Trump supporters. So if we need a place to lay the blame, let’s start with BLM. If they clean up their act, I personally guarantee those hate crime statistics will plummet.



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