Joey Demento Biden BEGS for Applause

In yet more validation that Joey Demento got 82 million votes and is the most popular man on the planet, he spoke with what appears to be Coast Guard cadets.

In typical Biden fashion, he tanked. But the media and social media Gestapo will make everybody report that Biden ROCKED IT. And they will demand the same from their members.

However, Tom Elliot tweeted the same observations that I felt in hearing Biden’s speech:

Biden appears peeved at the lack of applause from Navy cadets. “You are a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to you? I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap — to be here together …”

A bunch of dog-faced pony soldiers apparently.

And while I couldn’t see the audience, I speak for Biden in saying, “You ain’t Black!” Because I get the feeling many of those cadets didn’t vote for the moron.

What a pitiful lesson for a man “playing” president. A man who supposedly tallied 82 million votes only to appear at events to tepid responses like these. In a word: pathetic.

Do Leftists believe things will get better? The reason those cadets were there is they were required to be there. Nobody wants to hear Biden voluntarily.

Contrast Biden’s speech to cadets with any by President Trump. Anybody think Trump wouldn’t have those cadets emotionally stirred? Riveted and energized.

But it’s not just cadets

The military loves President Trump. Biden, not so much. No offense against the Coast Guard, but I doubt Biden really wants to hang around true military people. He certainly won’t get Trumpian treatment, unless it’s staged.

As I remind Conservatives often, we are winning. Leftists wake up in fear EVERY morning at the prospect of being found out. They spend crazy amounts of energy trying to cover their sorry asses. And while it may seem like it’s working, it’s not.

Every public appearance by Biden embarrasses them. And as Biden’s mental capacity worsens, so do their prospects for success.

They are doomed. And the ground is moving beneath their feet. His begging for a reaction is just more evidence of their impending demise.


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