Psaki Announces Plans to Step Down

Would you want to be spokesperson for Joey Demento Biden? That’s one tough job.

Apparently, current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has had enough. According to reports, she has discussed stepping down.

In an interview on a podcast, Psaki said she discussed leaving her position after a one year. I’d be surprised if she lasts that long. After all, she fields questions for a demented man.

Who could blame her? Her job is akin to being the defense attorney for Ted Bundy. “Somebody’s gotta do it“.

Recall that Psaki was rendered useless when trying to explain Biden’s border policy. Her difficulty occurred when trying to explain to the American people that your boss tripled the number of illegals kept in “cages”. Further, Biden presents no rational plan to relieve the situation, so Psaki looked stuck like Chuck.

It tickled me when Psaki carefully planned not to use the word “crisis” after FEMA was called to the border. Then only a week or so later, Joey Demento actually used the word crisis to describe a problem he created.

Sure, Biden stole the right to appoint whomever he wants as press secretary. But aside from Biden’s flip-flop helter-skelter positions, a press secretary for Biden has the additional burden of knowing he’s not really in charge.

Admittedly, Trump made some bad employee choices, particularly Scaramucci. And he fired that weasel. But Biden picked a staunch Leftist in Psaki, and she didn’t bother to unpack her suitcase.

Things won’t be better for Psaki during her transition. Nor will the next Biden press secretary find things easy. When you deal with chaos continually, you expect the fallout. And boy will there be fallout.

With Conservatives abandoning the media, the messages from Biden fall on deaf ears. Don’t believe me, just look at his Nielsen numbers for his first heavily anticipated speech to Congress. 26.9 million. Ouch. 56 percent of America’s deposed real president, as Trump garnered 47.7 million for the same speech.

America tunes out Leftists

Nobody cares what Biden says. Psaki knows that, and so will her replacement.

And while Psaki showcased incompetence, she represented the best they can find. Now Biden will install the most intersectional spokesperson he can find: a gay short fat Guatemalan transexual non-binary midge.

Trust me, if Biden finds such a “thing,” it will pale to the freak show aptly known as the Biden administration.




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