Remember when Trump offered to help Chicago?

If the worthless mayor of Chicago had taken President Trump up on his offer to help with crime, Chicago would be as safe as Sunnyvale CA.

You know. Where the richest internet wunderkinds reside. In their privately-policed, gated communities.

MSNBC reported on Trump’s offer to the mayor of Chicago back in Jan 2017:

When President Donald Trump offered this week to “send in the Feds” if Chicago authorities couldn’t put a lid on violence, he didn’t explain what exactly he’d have the government do.

Whatever he envisions, it probably already exists.

Agents from the federal government’s premier crime-fighting units — the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — work with Chicago police to combat gun-running, drug dealing and gangs, the forces that drive the city’s rising murder rate.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot declined the offer. Because she was all over the crime situation and would resolve it.

Then she didn’t resolve it. So again, Trump repeated his offer in August of 2020.

He repeated Tuesday his previous offer to send in federal troops to help quell local violence in Chicago and elsewhere, and noted that it’s up to mayors and governors to make the request for assistance.

“Together the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois have 25,000 police officers, sheriffs and guardsmen available to quell any violence, they can do it very quickly, very easily, if allowed to do their jobs,” Trump said at a news conference. “Again, if allowed to do their jobs. Our police, our law enforcement is incredible, but they have to be allowed to do their jobs.”

In his remarks at an unrelated White House news conference, Trump also criticized New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as leaders in Oregon and Washington state.

Trump, who frequently rips Democratic mayors of big cities after high-profile crimes or protests, had been conspicuously silent about Chicago following the Monday morning downtown looting that rocked the city and embarrassed local leadership.

“I’m offering all available federal support requested to stop the violence and arrest the criminals,” Trump said. “We have to be asked by the governors or the mayors, and we’ll be there very rapidly. It’s ready, willing and able. We’re all ready, willing and able to go to these jurisdictions and take care of them. We’ll do [it] very quickly.”

Back in May, Lightfoot and Chicago PD Superintendent David Brown announced a new plan to slash summer violence. The objective focused on ’15 key beats’ across the city. These hotspots of gun violence continued to spike. Chicago PD statistics showed “1,402 shootings reported, a 15% increase over last year, and 1,715 people have been shot, an 18% increase.”

We’ve Got This

Sadly, false confidence increased the killings. Because, while politicians played politics, more people died. It’s funny that Lightfoot pretended she had the situation under control when Trump resided in the Oval Office. She continually threw out leftist ideas like “gun control” in the face of violence. Further, she rejected Trump’s proposition of “law and order.”

Yet, now that Bozo the Clown sits in the top chair, Lightfoot finally admitted the truth. She can’t handle the spike in crime. Ironically, she needs Biden’s help.

Wouldn’t ya know it, Biden has a plan! According to the White House, Biden’s ready to curtail the sales of illegal guns. (Exactly how And guess what else? He’s going to help Chicago teens find summer jobs “to keep them off the street,” according to NBC Chicago.”

The Daily Wire adds:

“The federal government will deploy a group of so-called “strike forces” to major cities, aiming to increase enforcement on [illicit] gun dealers, and to try to cut down on illegal gun trafficking,” the outlet noted. “More funding for law enforcement was included in the proposal, along with enhanced technological cooperation between local police and the FBI. Biden also promised that community-based anti-violence programs would be part of the plan, and cited Chicago programs as examples of what he intends to promote.”

Chicago’s illicit gun trade, however, has been a problem for some time — a study, conducted in 2017, revealed that a significant percentage of guns used in crime inside the city of Chicago came from outside the state of Illinois, often from neighboring Indiana — but the number of shootings has increased exponentially through 2020 and 2021. Last year, alone, there were more than 3,200 shootings.

Too bad we don’t have a gigantic REWIND button. Because I bet Lightfoot’s answer would change if she went back to the moment Trump first offered to clean-up Chicago. Imagine the lives Trump would have saved… Lives we can’t get back. On second thought, Lightfoot probably stands by her earlier decisions. Because leftists rarely mind a little blood on their hands.


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