California Begs Electric Car Owners to NOT Do This

Apparently somebody finally read the “Green Energy” memo in California. And they just got b*tch-slapped.

As it turns out, electric cars are not as eco-friendly as sold by the clean energy crowd.

I explained this for the Leftists who read my work (or those get somebody to read it to their illiterate asses), but electric cars are not zero emissions. Because electric cars must be connected to the grid to get charged.

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Sadly, as we’ve learned with multiple energy blackouts, the “green” grid doesn’t always work. And even if the “green” grid worked most of the time, the “dirty” grid must remain active no matter what. Just in case the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing, the water not flowing, and so on.

Understand that all these “clean” vehicles have been mandated by Californicators’ legislators. Where did these buttwipes believe these cars would be charged? By the hot air blown up the tailpipes of the electorate by politicians?

Now according to Newsweek, California is begging electric car owners to please stop using so much energy.

Who knew that during the summer California would get hot. Considering global climate farce, one would think that summer would be winter and vice-versa. Funny how we continue to experience the seasons at the time of, well…the seasons!

So it is hot in the socialist Utopia, with areas of the state experiencing triple-digit summer temperatures. And the increased summer heat puts electricity use at a maximum; thus the power grid is spiking. California’s answer is to ask it’s people to please not charge their electric vehicles all at once. Else, the state’s leaders will have to admit that green energy isn’t as green as they claim.

From the article,

The state’s power grid operators have been telling residents to “relieve pressure” from the grid by charging their EVs at off-peak hours.

According to the report, Californians were asked twice last week by the California Independent System Operator (ISO) to conserve energy voluntarily. The ISO specifically asked people to charge their EVs at certain off-peak times.

Next, the ISO also suggested “avoiding use of large appliances and turning off extra lights,” the report says.

What next will California ask of its residents? Stop driving altogether? Eventually we know that California’s answer to everything is to increase taxes. Then give the money to illegals and get a bailout from the Fed as soon as they cheat in a new president.

Frankly, I’d like to see more Californians walking. They seem determined to live in the Stone Age, so why stop them?




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