Creepy Joe Biden and the Left’s ORCHESTRATED Lies

Say something negative about a Leftist that other Leftists  support and you get a bigger fiction than Moby Dick.

For example, Joe Biden is a creep by even the lowest of standards. And Biden’s creepiness is well-documented. If it weren’t for the fact that the demented clown represented the BEST of the Democratic Party (I know!), he would be called a creep by them to this day. However, once Biden entered the inner sanctum, Leftists are forced to rally around him.

Still, Biden’s creepiness surfaced again. This latest incident occurred at a fake ceremony to honor America’s military. Biden went off teleprompter and let it slip that his hairy legs tingled at the site of an underage girl.

If President Trump had the pathology of Biden, the media and other Leftists would rightfully skewer him. However, because Biden and not Trump showcases creepy and eerily pedophile tendencies, Leftists give Biden a pass.

Invading Classrooms

Take for example when the subject of Biden’s creepiness cropped up, Leftists didn’t disappoint. They tried to “project”, and suddenly it’s President Trump who is creepy.

There is nothing creepy about any of these pictures. Biden on the other hand is a menace:

Here are just a few of Biden’s creepy photos.

#CreepyJoe, #TeamKJ, #KevinJackson

Biden is so creepy, that people ridiculed him for it. In the graphic below, Biden is shown creeping up on a piccolo player. Though photoshopped,  the graphic makes a point.

And what of this little jewel that takes the same picture of Biden and puts it with a “low energy” Jeb Bush:

Who could forget the scene from Alien? In this graphic, Biden has replaced the chrome intergalactic monster who menaces the galaxy. That alien has nothing on Biden’s scariness.

Would you let Biden babysit your daughter?

Even Leftists can’t deny that Biden IS A FREAK! And he didn’t help things with his recent “whisper campaign.” That one had Biden’s handlers wanting to spank his ass when he returned to the cage where they keep him at night.

Until he dies or is replaced by Sista Girl, we will have many more opportunities to ridicule him. And our team will take joy in doing so.

Stay tuned.


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