Restaurant Imposes ‘Equity Charge’ on Patrons

If you want inconsistency with race and gender, and I’m talking amazing hypocrisy, check out this what this Minneapolis restaurant is doing.

Broders’ Pasta bar now charges customers a 15 percent “equity charge” on all guest checks. The restaurant claims to be doing this because customers don’t realize their institutionally racist and sexist ways. Thus, they can’t be trusted to tip properly.

The restaurant published an entire page on their website explaining the new policy. It’s titled “WHAT IS THE BENEFITS & EQUITY CHARGE?”

“2020 was a time of introspection for us as it was for so many of our neighbors. In response to the racial injustice protests throughout our community and the (many) closures we experienced because of COVID, we spent some time re-imagining the economics of our business with the goal of providing fair pay across our company,” the website reads.

“One result of this effort was the creation of a ‘Benefits & Equity’ charge of 15 percent that is added to all guest checks.”

According to Broders’, the funds accumulated from this new racism tax will be redirected toward paying employees wages, paid time off, insurance and various employee assistance program.

Apparently the food and service can’t cut it. So the restaurant now believes the answer is to get “woke” under the guise of this new “tax.”

Interestingly, I didn’t know that restaurants could charge a “tax.” But they chose the tactics of the government, which is to “tax” the patrons. No, it’s just an increase in their services.


Here’s a novel idea. Give that money directly to the servers.

I doubt the owner will actually pass all 15 percent of that “equity tax” on to the servers. I’m betting he (or she) will skim a bit off the top at the very least.

Still, the bigger implication looms. The boogeyman of racism and sexism in tipping.

Here’s a shocking (NOT!) revelation I learned from one server from Quora:

Johnathan HartzellFormer wannabe entrepreneur now kinda entrepreneur

Answered 2 years ago · Author has 87 answers and 72.4K answer views

As a working waiter, white men tip the best. People of color generally do not tip as well. Indian people pretty consistently do not tip well due to their culture and frugality and I would consider them to be the worst tippers. Also, they tend to be the most demanding customers. If you do deliver on their demands they are the nicest customers ever however and will show you great appreciation, just not in the way we really want.

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How’s that for blowing a gaping hole in the narrative! White men tip the best and Asians the worst.

Still, things get even more interesting when you consider WaPo’s racist report:

Within the U.S. restaurant industry, black customers are generally considered comparatively poor tippers. One recent survey of roughly 1,000 restaurant servers from across the nation found that 34 percent thought black diners were “very bad” tippers. An additional 36 percent thought black patrons were “below average” tippers. In contrast, 98 percent of those surveyed believed white customers were “average” or “above average” tippers.

This widespread negative perception of black peoples’ tipping practices cannot be attributed solely to racism because it is consistent with a substantial body of empirical evidence. A number of different studies using different methodologies and different geographic samples have found that, on average, black people do indeed tip less than whites in U.S. restaurants.

Some readers may assume that such differences in tipping simply reflect widely documented differences in disposable income across the two groups. Given that tips are purported to reflect the quality of service that customers receive, others may argue that black patrons tend to tip less than their white counterparts because they are, on average, given comparatively inferior service.

However, studies have consistently observed a reliable black-white tipping difference even after controlling for consumers’ socioeconomic status, including income and education, and after controlling for perceptions of service quality. This race difference in tipping is also observed regardless of whether the server is white or black.

So clearly white men are great tippers. Also, white people in general are good tippers. Sadly, people of color tip like sh*t.

But don’t believe the Leftist rag, WaPo. Because things get worse for this equity tax.


Think you tip better than the next guy at a restaurant? If you’re a baby boomer, live in the Northeast or vote Republican, you probably do.

A new survey offers a rare look at who the big spenders really are when it comes to leaving gratuities for the wait staff at sit-down restaurants. Topping the list of best tippers:

    • Men.
    • Republicans.
    • Northeasterners.
    • Baby boomers.
    • Anyone who tips with a credit or debit card.

You can bet this list is in order. And the first two entries? Men and Republicans. Understand that those two groups likely dwarfs all the others.

According to the survey, all these group leave a median tip of 20 percent of the total bill when they dine out. But that last entry makes the list suspect. “Anyone who tips with a credit or debit card.” I know who uses debit cards to the most. Minorities, aka BAD TIPPERS.

Still, here is the final part of that report. They claim that women, by contrast, leave a median tip of 16 percent, and the median for Southerners and Democrats is 15 percent.

Talk about taking a bazooka to the equity tax.

Frankly I hope nobody does business at Broders’ Pasta Bar.


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