American Special Forces Rescue Hostages Biden Left Behind

I am grateful to know many members of America’s special forces, and have worked privately with many. They represent the best of America, bar none.

While Hollyweirdos, climate activists, and other bonehead Leftists pretend to help save the planet, the special forces community acts.

In yet another example of heroics over theatrics, a group of all-volunteer special forces veterans of the Afghan war sprung into action where Biden or any other group of Leftist would.

As Biden talked, “Task Force Pineapple” launched a rescue mission, dubbed “Pineapple Express,” to save Afghan allies and their families still trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

These warriors got together mid-August and worked with America’s military on the ground at the airport in Kabul to get their mission accomplished.

According to ABC News, this team escorted approximately 500 “Afghan special operators, assets and enablers and their families into the airport in Kabul overnight,” as of Thursday morning. By Friday, that number was up to over 630, according to one group member.

As this team of special operators were doing the job feckless Biden couldn’t, the suicide bombers hit the airport making the mission even more dangerous.

“Dozens of high-risk individuals, families with small children, orphans, and pregnant women, were secretly moved through the streets of Kabul throughout the night and up to just seconds before ISIS detonated a bomb into the huddled mass of Afghans seeking safety and freedom,” Army Lt. Col. Scott Mann, retired Green Beret commander and leader of the private rescue effort, told ABC.

Thank God we have Americans who do the right thing, particularly when a brain-dead moron like Biden refuses to act.

Understand that we have now learned that the Biden administration turned over names of Afghanis who supported the Americans during the occupation. Essentially, Biden handed the Taliban a “kill list.”

So the actions of this group were necessary to save lives. While Joey Demento gave speeches and played “microphone commando,” real warriors did what a Commander-in-Chief should do. They saved many lives of our partners.

Why did this team need to act?

Because Joe Biden broke every rule of exiting a foreign land. You couldn’t perform any worse than Biden in Afghanistan if you tried.

For example, who removes their military, aka your security, before exiting? A child would know not to do something so stupid. And in case you’re wondering how I know it was stupid, it’s because Biden removed 2,500 troops only to send back at least double that amount. What a fu’ing moron.

Next, Biden doesn’t even know the number of Americans in theater, nor the number of Afghanis who helped us.

He established only ONE base of operation, the airport. And the world has seen how that’s worked out.

Biden should have looked at multiple SECURE rally points, put in locations where our people could reach them. Then, he could have evaluated and protected “choke points” where people would likely travel to get to safety.

Instead, thousands of Americans and allies are in hiding all over the country. This makes it almost impossible to save people en masse.

And what about notifying our allies?

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Biden’s incompetence forced our allies to send their special forces to rescue their people. One would think Biden would make a phone call to NATO country leaders to give them a heads up. Perhaps even coordinate the exit, given they had triple the troops we had.

Despite the media bragging about the number of people being airlifted, the optics of people hanging off C-17s will not be forgotten. Nor will the first of likely many bombings that killed 13 Marines and an estimated 90 Afghanis.

As I’ve said on my radio show, the media will try to shift the narrative from Biden’s incompetence and lives lost to how many people Biden gets out. They will fudge the stats, and hope the world loses focus on the clusterf*ck Team Demento created. But we will never forget.

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