Biden: Obama to Blame for Afghanistan

Remember the prisoner swap during the Era of Zero. When Obama swapped 5 battle-hardened jihadis for some obscure white guy?

Well, those chickens came home to roost on Captain Demento.

Sadly, Joe Biden now has somebody to blame for his public butt-rape by the Taliban. His former boss, Baby Black Jesus is the culprit.

According to the New York Post,

When President Barack Obama released five Taliban commanders from the Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange for an American deserter in 2014, he assured a wary public that the dangerous enemy combatants would be transferred to Qatar and kept from causing any trouble in Afghanistan.

In fact, they were left free to engineer Sunday’s sacking of Kabul.

Soon after gaining their freedom, some of the notorious Taliban Five pledged to return to fight Americans in Afghanistan and made contacts with active Taliban militants there. But the Obama-Biden administration turned a blind eye to the disturbing intelligence reports, and it wasn’t long before the freed detainees used Qatar as a base to form a regime in exile.

Eventually, they were recognized by Western diplomats as official representatives of the Taliban during recent “peace” talks.

I hate always being right; but I’m getting used to it.

In this case I’m right when I explain to people that Leftism leads to bad outcomes. The infamous death spiral. And Obama’s Taliban kept their promise to fight America. To the death.

What could Obama possibly believe would happen when he swapped Bo Bergdahl for 5 of the deadliest jihadis on the planet? Perhaps he thought Hillary Clinton would be forced to solve the problem, except “Cankles” got derailed by Trump.

Trump promptly put all jihadis on notice that he would bomb the sh*t out of them, thus the “quiet period” of terrorism for 4 glorious years.

Then came The Big Cheat.

Joey Demento took over, and the Taliban seized on the mental-defective who now occupies the White House.

Was this part of Obama’s devious plan to help the caliphate? I wrote of the swap at the time:

We all knew there was something stinky about the Bergdahl swap. Who swaps FIVE truly bad guys for a questionable soldier? A Muslim terrorist, that’s who.

If the last few weeks have proven anything, it has validated our suspicions about Obama being a radical Islamist sympathizer.

Obama has snubbed the French after their attack, still won’t declared a faction of Islam as “terrorist,” and now he’s headed to Riyadh to honor the deceased Saudi despot. And there are many other examples.

Now these bad guys are Biden’s problem. Obama cashed out, and now lives the good life. Biden won’t be quite as lucky, I predict.


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