First Wuflu Lawsuit Lodged at a University

It’s only a matter of time before the Leftists get exactly what they want with Wuflu. In case you’re wondering what Leftist want- in a word: chaos.

The are trillions of dollars to be gained in chaos. Or in this case, trillions more. So expect Leftists to salivate as citizens begin suing over Wuflu mandates, travel passports, and whatever other nonsense Leftists can think up.

So now it begins. The NY Post reported on the first Wuflu vaccine mandate lawsuit.

A law professor sued George Mason University over its coronavirus vaccine mandate, claiming he’s built a “robust natural immunity” after recovering from COVID-19 last year.

Antonin Scalia Law School professor Todd Zywicki, 55, calls the Virginia university’s requirements unconstitutional and says he shouldn’t have to get jabbed after he had the coronavirus in March 2020, according to the federal lawsuit filed Wednesday by the nonprofit New Civil Liberties Alliance.

“Common sense and medical science should underpin GMU’s actions,” alliance attorney Harriet Hageman said in a statement.

“Both have gone missing with this latest effort to force a distinguished professor to take a vaccine that he does not need. Not for his own protection nor for anyone else’s safety at Scalia Law School.”

Zywicki said in the lawsuit that he has had multiple antibody tests and been advised by his doctor that he’s built immunity. Having to get a vaccination after having had the virus could be dangerous, the lawsuit claims, and the school shouldn’t be able to require vaccines that have yet to receive full FDA approval.

Oh the irony. A professor, likely Leftist, suing GMU, obviously Leftist.

Zywicki isn’t alone. At least a dozen college students recently filed lawsuits to uphold their personal objections to the vaccination. But don’t get too excited too soon. Indiana already shot down one lawsuit. When it comes to citizens’ rights vs public health, courts typically side with the state. Furthermore, the good professor made a comment that looms large in the Leftists’ strategy for worldwide “death pokes.”

He said that the school shouldn’t be able to require vaccines that have “yet to receive full FDA approval.”

What the flunk does FDA approval have to do with this case? Nobody should be able to require vaccinations for a scam…period.




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