Predators in the Democratic Party: Deep Tentacles Touch All

Ed Buck, another Clinton, Obama, and Biden friend and Democratic donor is found guilty on nine felony counts. This may lead to a life sentence for Ed Buck. Imagine, another associate of the Trifecta Crime Families caught red-handed. Get ready – they either suspiciously commit suicide, are killed like Seth Rich, or they go to prison.

You know the old saying, you are who you are by virtue of the company you keep. But when it comes to this threesome, “virtue” seems antithetical. I’m certain virtue is not part of this corrupt trifecta’s foundation.

Ed Buck is a big Democratic donor and activist. And yet, he preyed on gay black men who were down on their luck or homeless. Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean both died of a meth overdose administered by Buck. This kook traded drugs for sex and ended up killing two of these guys.


Advocates for Moore and Dean have long accused Buck of being a sexual predator who lured gay, at-risk black men to his home in West Hollywood. As member station KCRW reported this summer, Buck is alleged to have pressured men to do drugs, particularly crystal meth.

When Moore died, police say they found drug paraphernalia littered around the scene in Buck’s home, including syringes, pipes, and plastic bags. The coroner blamed the death on an accidental overdose, but a homicide inquiry was launched after Moore’s journal was published weeks later. In it, Moore blamed Buck for introducing him to methamphetamine.

“I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that,” Moore wrote, according to his family’s website. He added, “Ed Buck is the one to thank.”

Adam Schiff, who is head of the Senate Intelligent Committee has connections to Ed Buck that seems to parallel the involvement of gay men for sex and drugs.

One post on Google made the following claims:

Adam Schiff Exposed Himself As Ed Buck’s Butt Buddy In PizzaGate West

This far into impeachment poker, the cards are down and dirty as
so’s Adam Schiff in his closet gay playground in West Hollywood.
The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee turns out to be a
back-door man on the receiving end when it comes to secret
weapons shipments to Ukraine and a helicopter crash arranged to
cover-up his role in the death of a black gay lover in West
Hollywood. Recently returned from a long stint in East Asia,
I’ve been surprised, although not stunned, to discover Schiff’s
bug eyes must have protruded due to those L.A. rams, the
black sheep with the rough trade out of Maxine Waters’ district
of Compton and Watts, aka Pizzagate West.

Yet there is one death that still haunts him, the young black
man who suffered a drug-induced seizure while pumping the
congressman’s rump at the Standard Hotel, just a few blocks from
the home of Ed Buck.

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Terry Bean, Human Rights Champion

Then, there is also Terry Bean, founder of The Human Rights Campaign and a prominent friend and supporter of Barack Obama. He was charged with sexually abusing a minor.

The problem with all of this – well frankly, it’s both morbidly grotesque and infinitely evil at it the foundation of the left. The reality is, so many members of the Liberal Party ARE predators. Schiff, Buck, and Bean are supposed supporters of LGBTQ and yet they prey on these young gay men that are at their neediest or most vulnerable.

Adam Schiff tried to destroy Donald Trump because, as it will come out soon enough, Schiff is abusing gay boys and drugging them. As one of them died while or when Schiff allegedly had sex with him. Schiff probably knows Trump has the dirt. Speculation indicates a cover-up to hide Schiff’s involvement in the boy’s death when a helicopter crashed with executives from the hotel where Schiff’s paramour died. Was Schiff involved? My guess would be yes. Schiff‘s a bad dude. Personally, I hope he is hanged for his predatory deeds.


[smartslider3 slider=8] wants to unseal Ed buck and Adam Schiff’s involvement.

In an article by Michelle Malkin for RealClear Politics she outlines the penchant these Democratic donors have for minors.

Per Malkin:

Like Epstein, Bean also had a thing for young minors. In 2014, a grand jury charged him with horrifying sexual abuse allegations involving multiple victims — including a 15-year-old boy.

It’s intriguing that Buck was a big Democratic donor who donated to none other than Hillary Clinton. Why is she always on the periphery of every sordid and sick person? Probably because she is a dweller of the underbelly of society. She, too, is a bad person – a black widow who only needs to take down her own husband to complete her kill list. As well, Bill Clinton lied about being on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, and yet, pilot logs show he was a passenger on the Lolita Express some 26 times. Lest we not forget President Bill was elected by Democrats under the Gennifer Flowers scandal and also Juanita Broaddrick’s accusations that the then Governor raped her. She had many witnesses to the aftermath of the attack. Including Hillary Clinton, who worked to silence Broaddrick.

Democrats just don’t care.

More Liberal shame as our own Big Cheat winner Joe Biden was nominated and many voted for him even under the glaring accusation by Tara Reade that he sexually abused her at the congressional gym after pushing her up against the wall and putting his hands down her pants and elsewhere.

No one in the #MeToo Movement even said a thing. Crickets. Why is that?

President Clinton was preying on young girls who were courted by Ghislaine Maxwell – the Epstein madam. It’s all so sick and so contained in the Liberal sector of society. Now we have the NY Attorney General saying there is credible evidence against Andrew Cuomo for sexually assaulting numerous women. No charges have been filed, but the arrogant Governor knew enough to step down. Still, there is just no shame among these people.

Let’s consider the plight of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. He has just come out to discuss his utter sadness over the loss of his marriage to Melinda. The cause for great concern from his wife over his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein was too much for Mrs. Gates. Bill claims it was a bad decision. He was only in it for money and philanthropy hoping to raise billions. Apparently, when he realized that was not going to be the case with Epstein, he ended the relationship.

Wow – good for Bill for having a conscience. The question is – do we really believe that is the end of this story?


There are reports of Gates being involved in sex trafficking. Lin Wood has been vocal about Gate’s perversion and involvement. He’s a dude that isn’t all there, despite his ability to make billions. This is also the guy who wants to de-populate the world and has made millions on vaccines, admitting they have been his best investment. Couple that with Gates’ interest in Eugenics, and I wouldn’t trust anything he is involved in.

Bill Gates is not a good person. I bet there’s more to his ties with Epstein and child sex trafficking. There’s also more to the story of why his wife left him. Stay tuned…

Don’t Forget the Kingpin of Abusing Women- Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein pretended to be a pillar of the community for decades. And yet he was good friends – really good friends with the Clintons and the Obama’s. Clearly, that should’ve been a big clue. The Obama’s even let their eldest daughter intern for the pervert while she took her gap year. Wow – brilliant, Mom and Dad. Yet, everyone in Hollywood knew of Weinstein- his rapes and sexual intimidation of girls that wanted to act. Still, the Obama’s let their daughter work for him.

Maybe they figured that she was safe because her Secret Service detail would protect her. But what about the multitude of women he raped and abused? Weinstein’s in jail after all. However, the Obama’s haven’t openly blasted Weinstein. Or cut ties publicly. Of course, talk is cheap. But the Obama’s stand for nothing.

And right now – in the hot seat is Andrew Cuomo. The same Cuomo is responsible for the deaths of 15,000 elderly nursing home patients. He’s single-handedly responsible. But he also preyed upon all of his subordinates while sexually assaulting and abusing them. Now, brother Chris may be out of a job at CNN because he may have been complicit also. Ha! Talk about family values.

Good riddance to both of the Fredo Brothers.

Let’s not leave out the horrid George Soros who is responsible for funding the #DefundPolice movement, #BlackLivesMatter and Antifa, alongside every other savage idea to break down the foundation of American values. His hopes of ushering in a new world order employs yet another despicable Liberal. Howard Rubin, Soros’s right-hand man is now accused of getting rough and physically abusing women he is having sex with.

And breaking this week is Arizona’s own State Senator, Tony Navarrete (D-Phoenix) who has been charged with sexually abusing minors. And this guy was a Democratic rising star. Their pool of candidates must come from the toilet.

What is wrong with these people?

Why is it that Liberals are always in the company of diabolical people? Why do they prey on other people? Let’s not forget how Democrats have preyed on blacks for 50 years so they can keep them as a guaranteed voting block.  All the while promoting abortions and single-parent households. Also, setting blacks up to receive inferior educations by taking away school choice. In other words, “keep them needy.” It’s pathetic when oppressing blacks is the more benign behavior of a party. At least in comparison to trafficking children.

It would stand to reason that the Democrats led by Pelosi, Hillary, and Obama targeted Trump and his family for years with fake scandals and impeachments to the tune of millions of taxpayer money, all to come up empty. Why? Because there was nothing there. Trump’s crime was being a non-politician, hell-bent on taking down the deep state and revealing all their corruption and their crimes against humanity.

We don’t have to ask ourselves if the same Liberals that pillage and exploit women and children would target a sitting President. Of course, they would. Evil, diabolical, leftists. A party infested with predators. A like rats, for every name we know, there are fifty more hiding under the surface.

Hurting other human beings isn’t normal behavior. It is sociopathic. Psychotic even. Yet, liberals remain the “popular” party. Why?

Wake up, pay attention and connect the dots. This didn’t just happen – it’s been a systemic mindset of the Left for decades. But, thanks to Trump, the rat traps are out there. A strong movement continues the good work. And we’re not running a catch and release program.

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