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Sheriff Goes Viral with Vaccine Policy

Vaccine mandates are the latest trend among looney leftists. And the voices of reason are getting harder and harder to hone in on.

However, one Arizona Sherriff stepped up to make his policies clear. And now his message is gaining a lot of attention.

Sheriff Mark Lamb appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where he stated that mandates are the result of “weak leadership” not protecting the rights of employees. Therefor, the sheriff decided the decision to get vaccinated is a fundamental personal choice. A private matter of individual healthcare. And as such, his officers will decide for themselves.

Meanwhile, we have leaders like Governor Kate Brown in Oregon. Brown just issued a completely nonsensical mask mandate for her state.

Tucker Carlsen was happy to weigh in on Governor Brown and the state of affairs in Oregon, especially in relation to the WuFlu.

As Carlsen noted:

Unfortunately, Oregon did not have a very serious leader. It had some dopey soccer mom who got elected because she claimed she had a girlfriend in college. Kate Brown, unfortunately, turned out to be lighter than air. She didn’t know anything. She had no achievements. Under pressure, she wilted and became irrational. She was exactly the leader you do not want in a crisis. And yet she was the governor, which in the age of coronavirus made her very close to God. And she acted like it. Kate Brown commanded Oregonians to stop going outside without their little masks on, even if they’ve been vaccinated.

KATE BROWN: Today, I’m announcing that effective Friday, Aug. 27, masks will be required in all public outdoor settings or physical distancing is not possible regardless of vaccination status. … In addition, the Oregon Health Authority strongly recommends masking at outdoor gatherings at private residences where people from different households do not maintain physical distance.

At this point, it’s almost pointless to apply the traditional measures of logic, reason and data to decrees like that one. She’s bisexual. It’s cool, the power-mad hypocrites who think these decrees up don’t care what the facts are. But since we are old-school that way, we will try it one last time. Kate Brown’s decree is nonsensical.

Common Sense, or Lack Thereof

Like most conservatives, Carlsen sees the holes in Brown’s logic.

First off, if the vaccines work, then why are vaccinated people required to wear masks? And for that matter, why is anyone required to wear a mask outdoors? Outdoor transmission of COVID is so rare that it’s practically nonexistent. That is true whether or not you have been vaccinated. As Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at Harvard, pointed out this spring, “Outdoor masking has notable costs and really no evidence of benefits.” And that remains true tonight. Even Tony Fauci ordinarily only tells the truth in private emails, admitted the same thing in public. “It’s pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really quite low,” Fauci said.

A recent study from Ireland, among others, confirms that this is true. Researchers there considered more than 230,000 COVID cases in Ireland through March of this year. What do they find? They found that only one in a thousand could be traced to outdoor transmission.

So as a factual matter, Kate Brown’s order is absurd.

But even if you ignored the science, even if you convinced yourself that large numbers of people were catching COVID while jogging, you still wouldn’t make people wear masks. Because drugstore masks, the kind that everyone wears, do not work. Cloth and surgical masks do not stop COVID. That’s not a guess. We know.

A new study from engineers at the University of Waterloo, for example, just came out this week, once again, proves that conclusively. The researchers used a mannequin to simulate someone seated in a large room. Some mannequins had common cloth masks. Others had the blue surgical mask that you see everywhere. What did they find? They found that aerosol droplets big enough to contain COVID built up on the mannequins as if the mask wasn’t even there. The masks only filtered about 10% of the aerosol droplets, 90% got through.

So on every level, the order you just saw from Kate Brown is ridiculous. And yet, thanks to COVID, as we noted, she is now God, so her orders are now the law and if you ignore them, you will go to jail.

Brown further admitted that she’d love to see neighbors calling the cops on one another. Who cares about reporting real crimes, but if we can catch someone outside without a mask, well that’s time for some serious consequences. This nonsense is happening all over the country.

In California, a SWAT team showed up at a charter school.

There wasn’t a bomb threat. Nor was a mass shooting underway. Instead, a brother and sister showed up at school without face coverings. And this is what our world is now reduced to. The Principal actually threatened to have police beat the siblings and kicked them out of the school forever because their religious choice prohibited them from wearing masks.

Now, let’s not forget the massive amount of lies surrounding the WuFlu, mask mandates, and vaccine side effects. We’ll probably never have all the true facts.

According to Carlsen:

You can’t make rational decisions about public health unless you have real numbers. How can you determine whether mandatory vaccinations are a good idea, for example, unless you have accurate numbers? But we don’t have accurate numbers. Politicians are lying about them and have from day one. But nobody cares.

The Pentagon press secretary explained today that all American soldiers, young and healthy, virtually every one of them nevertheless must be vaccinated immediately, whether or not they want or need the shot. Now, this has been done before, the last time the Pentagon forced troops to take a vaccine, that was the anthrax vaccine during the Iraq war, it was a disaster. It led to serious side effects, including death. And the military had to abandon it. But don’t worry, says John Kirby. Mandatory vaccines may not be necessary, but they’re orders and those orders are lawful.

Apparently freedom no longer belongs in the land of the free. And we’ve succumbed to leftism so often, we’re no longer the land of the brave. And just to add insult to injury, now we’re expected to be the land of the vaccinated. Well, I call BS. You’re not imposing that shot on me. Even if I can never step foot in another state, it will be worth rejecting the leftist mandates. Especially when these vaccines prove to be less and less effective with every passing day. It’s just not worth playing Russian roulette to keep from catching a cold.








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