Australian Minister Exhibits Bell’s Palsy ON CAMERA

For those who haven’t gotten the memo on the vaccinations, I suggest they start using their common sense.

In the video below, an Australian minister showcases one of the very real side-effects of these “death pokes”. In his case, he escaped death, but now must live with Bell’s Palsy.

During a live press conference, New South Wales Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello developed a “droopy eye.” And you can clearly see the left side of his mouth begin to droop.

Some people wondered what was happening, as he appeared to wink at the cameraman. As his eye and mouth began to droop and his speech changed a bit, others believed he suffered a stroke. All were wrong.

Post-press conference Dominello revealed that he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

When you have to go on social media to explain your “new look,” you have a problem. But he kept the narrative going.

Even as this Leftist has now publicly shown one devastating side-effect of Wuflu, he downplays the impact.

“Hey, don’t worry when half my face suddenly drops; it’s only TEMPORARY!”

Lucky for him, he’s not a model; because his career would be over. Or what about a spokesperson? Think any company wants a spokesperson who can’t speak?

What if he were a person who gave speeches for a living, or perhaps a lecturer, like a professor or equivalent?

Further, what if you are about to graduate, or get married, and you’re expected to be in hundreds of pictures with the family? Who wants to frame those 8 x 10s?

Side-effects of Wuflu

Bell’s Palsy is but one of the many side-effects of the Wuflu vaccine. There are dozens. And honestly, Bell’s Palsy is lame compared to some of the others.

Enlarged heart, for example. Obviously, an enlarged heart doesn’t make you more loving or increase your endurance. Quite the opposite in fact.

An enlarged heart is extremely dangerous and cuts one’s life expectancy considerably. From the Mayo Clinic:

Complications of an enlarged heart can include:

    • Heart failure. An enlarged left ventricle, one of the most serious types of enlarged heart, increases the risk of heart failure. In heart failure, your heart muscle weakens, and the ventricles stretch (dilate) to the point that the heart can’t pump blood efficiently throughout your body.
    • Blood clots. Having an enlarged heart may make you more susceptible to forming blood clots in the lining of your heart. If clots enter your bloodstream, they can block blood flow to vital organs, even causing a heart attack or stroke. Clots that develop on the right side of your heart may travel to your lungs, a dangerous condition called a pulmonary embolism.
    • Heart murmur. For people whose hearts are enlarged, two of the heart’s four valves — the mitral and tricuspid valves — may not close properly because they become dilated, leading to a backflow of blood. This flow creates sounds called heart murmurs. Although not necessarily harmful, heart murmurs should be monitored by your doctor.
    • Cardiac arrest and sudden death. Sometimes an enlarged heart can lead to disruptions in your heart’s beating rhythm. Heart rhythms that are too slow to move blood or too fast to allow the heart to beat properly can result in fainting or, in some cases, cardiac arrest or sudden death.

To listen to the lies being told by politicians, the media, and health care quacks, the vaccine is harmless.

I guess if you want to talk out of one side of your face, then yes the vaccine is harmless. Or perhaps if you aren’t concerned about heart attacks or blood clots, then yes the Wuflu vaccines are harmless.

But as the cyborg said in Terminator 2: “Come with me, if you want to live!”


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