Afghanistan: Biden’s Hysterical Fight for Women’s Rights

The Taliban treated Joe Biden like a Muslim woman in their public sodomy of Team Biden. And the world watched.

Ironically, now Biden wants to flex what’s left of his {anal sphincter} muscle.

During the debacle of the evacuation, Biden’s spokespersons warned the Taliban about their treatment of women. Frankly, I would have given a month’s pay to see the reaction of the Taliban to the toothless tiger that is Joe Biden.

Now, after leaving Americans and Afghan helpers behind, Biden continues flexing on women’s rights.

A Taliban spokesperson appeared on Fox News on Friday to say “there will be no issue about women’s rights”. And while the media hypes the “international concerns,” only civilized countries are held to task over women’s rights.

While Afghan women endure the most deplorable of conditions, American women complain about their supposed pay gap. They refuse to explain why this occurs, because the truth would destroy the narrative.

What will Team Demento focus on to get Afghan women their rights?

The hijab. That’s right. They will fight for the right of Afghan women to get an education and work. But no discussion of pay.

As for the new leader of Afghanistan, Suhail Shaheen says he opposes western views that “women should have an education without [a] hijab.”

“That is a change of culture,” he said. “Our culture… they can receive education with hijab. They can work with hijab.”

Wear your hijab and keep your mouth shut. This goes for women and Joe Biden.

Shaheen said when asked about the future of relations with the U.S.,

“We should be focusing how can we work together in a positive and constructive way which is in the best of interest of both sides.”

In other words, “STAY AWAY FROM OUR WOMEN!”

We recently weighed in on the treatment of Afghani women.

The Taliban is well-known for their treatment of women as inferior citizens. But it doesn’t stop with blatant disrespect.

When the Taliban ruled in the 1990’s, woman were brutalized and oppressed. If you think those days have passed, think again.

According to the US Sun:

Taliban warlords reportedly view unmarried – or widowed – women and girls aged 12 to 45 as “qhanimat”, spoils of war to be divided amongst their fighters.

Afghans pouring into Kabul as refugees fleeing the march of the militants told stories of how commanders demanded they turn over women and girls to become their “wives” and be raped.

They also told of how civilians and captured soldiers were murdered by the Taliban, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Taliban officials have denied the group is enforcing sexual slavery – and claims that such actions are against the rules of Islam.

However, such practices were rampant the last time that the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

And in July 2021 it was revealed Taliban officials had published a decree ordering local leaders to turn over lists of young girls and widows under 45.

If that doesn’t sound scary, I don’t know what does.

But according to Joe Biden, the women and children will be protected. By who? The US military that went home? How ’bout the Afghani allies? Wait, maybe it’s actually Joe Biden. He’s going to stand up and demand these women be treated just like American women. Of course, we should ask exactly what kind of treatment Biden now demands. Because his treatment of American women is pretty cringey. Maybe that’s why it’s no bid deal for the president to leave tens of thousands of women in harms way. A bad day with the Taliban is still better than a good day with Joe Biden.

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