AMA Instructs Doctors to ABSOLUTELY LIE About Wuflu Numbers

How often can I be right and not take it personally? I try not to brag, but excellence just oozes out of every orifice of my body.

Once again, I nailed it. I’ve preached here, on my radio show, and elsewhere that Wuflu numbers are blatant lies. From infection rates to death rates, Leftists spew nothing but lies. Especially when it comes to possible cure-alls. And the same is true of the vaccination.

Now we learn that the American Medical Association (AMA) is part of the cabal.

The AMA is instructing its members to lie to patients. And to this end, the organization released a document that claims, “rampant misinformation…eroding public confidence in science and undermining trust in physicians and medical institutions.”

By misinformation, the AMA refers to credible physicians and other experts who actually speak the truth about Wuflu.

As for the AMA, on page 9 of the document, doctors are told to manipulate the phrase “hospitalization rates.” The new spin is that all hospitalized patients are “deaths,” thus exaggerating Wuflu deaths in order to achieve mass hysteria.

Nothing new here, as that is standard operating procedure for Wuflu. At one point the joke became that a gang-banger with two bullets to the head died of Wuflu, making the bullets the underlying co-morbidity.

In another example, physicians are instructed to replace “lockdown” with “stay-at-home order.” Clearly, focus groups believe the later sounds less forceful, ergo less totalitarian.

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Our next example deals with refusal to tell patients the real facts. Thus, on page 8 of the report, doctors learn how to block, deflect and redirect questions regarding vaccine injuries and deaths. They are specifically instructed to change the subject and reject questions from reporters or patients while pushing AMA-approved “official” propaganda by claiming it’s all based on “facts,” not “science” or “medicine.”

The change in the lexicon doesn’t end there. Below is a chart with all the lingo changes. You will see how clever the Left are at selling their lies.

Why do this?

A patient should be encouraged to question a doctor about drugs or procedures. But in the case of Wuflu, asking questions leads to obvious answers. This virus is mostly a scam.

So when people virtue-signal about “the safety of others” while demanding you get vaccinated, tell them to go to hell. Stand your ground forcefully.

Use their saying against them, like “it’s my body, my choice!” Then accuse them of being like the racists who discriminated against Blacks.

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