Border Towns Employ New Strategy: SUE BIDEN

The “Commander in Chief” refuses to issue a few commands. So it’s time the citizens take the law into their own hands.

We’re not talking vigilantes in the street. That’s a leftist strategy. We’re talking a courtroom full of lawyers. However, Biden graduated top of his class with two degrees (or was it 3?) at once. Thus, he’ll have no problem wiggling out of this one.

Fox News explains:

The county in Texas that witnessed the flood of 30,000 migrants earlier this month has said it will unite with neighboring counties to sue the Biden administration and push action at the southern border.

“We’ve talked about immigration reform for as long as I can remember. Both parties have had control of Washington at one point or another over the last 20 years, and we have failed to do anything about it other than create the mess that we have today,” Val Verde County Commissioner Beau Nettleton said in a Tuesday night meeting.

“It is inexcusable,” he added.

Nettleton said it was time for fellow border counties and cities to join forces in a suit to challenge U.S. immigration policies that have led to the largest influx of migrants at the southern border in more than 20 years.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have reported more than 1.5 million illegal bordering crossings during the fiscal year 2021 – a figure that has not yet included the number of illegal encounters during the month of September.

“I don’t have the answer as to whether a lawsuit solves this problem, but it draws attention to this problem,” Nettleton said. “They took the same oath of office that I did, which was to uphold the constitution…they need to comply with that oath and do their job and stop this mess.”

President Biden has received fierce backlash from both Republicans and Democrats on the Hill for the administration’s failure to address the crisis at the southern border.

Even Obama understands Biden’s failures.

Reversing Trump

Biden has no true accomplishments under his belt. None. All he’s done as president is reverse Trump policies. And what’s the opposite of making America great again? You guessed it! Destroying America.

Immigration is just one of many fronts where Biden created catastrophe.

Fox adds:

Democrats are furious over the continued use of Trump-era policies, like Title 42, which permits expedited deportations as a precaution to the coronavirus pandemic.

But members of the GOP have claimed Trump-era policies that stymied that flow migrants have been made ineffective.

Republicans have condemned Biden’s reversal of “Remain in Mexico” and his move to exempt unaccompanied minors from Title 42 – resulting in what some believe is the reason there has been a historic spike in illegal minor arrivals.

“I am all for people coming into this country legally – that’s what built this country,” Nettleton said. “This is not a legal process, this is not the right way to do it.”

Trump was the first president to take a hard stand on immigration in years. His policies sent a clear message to migrants heading our way. Stay home. Don’t risk it. Come legally or don’t come at all. But that wasn’t good enough for Biden.

He went so far as to fly illegals straight over the border. Talk about first class treatment! And thanks to Biden’s policies, Texas is suffering. In Del Rio, tens of thousands of migrants are piled up under a bridge.

They’re infesting the Texas border at outrageous rates.

CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) agents are furious. In my 20-year career, I have never seen anything this out of control,” one CBP officer told the media.

CPB employees have expressed outrage and dismay that the Biden administration is allowing unfettered entry like this, which entices ever more immigrants to head for the new Texas beachhead. This kind of sanctioned mass illegal immigration has been taking place most often hundreds of miles downriver since Joe Biden entered office and dismantled Donald Trump’s deterrence-based policies, promised amnesty, and ended most deportation operations.

Several officers also expressed fear that, should these immigrants become impatient with the ever-extending process periods under these living conditions, they will riot and easily overwhelm the relatively few available Border Patrol, National Guard, and Texas Department of Public Safety officers available for security.

Local officials and law enforcement say they can easily envision a nightmare scenario in which thousands upon thousands of migrants run through Del Rio.

It’s no wonder Texans are ready to sue Biden. If Trump pulled this madness, impeachment would be the word of the day.

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