Did China PLAN to Spread Wuflu?

New theories have emerged that claim China planned to spread the Wuflu.

The story was reported on The Gateway Pundit by Lawrence Sellin. And sadly, the story is believable; particularly when you consider how America’s Leftists sided with the Chinese.

According to Sellin, a Chinese source revealed that Wuflu was released at the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. The objective of the test was to understand the longer-term effects of that type of bioweapon. Visits by foreigners of many nations would allow them to infect their home countries, post-games.

China would be able to study what happens all over the world, and simultaneously claim innocence.

The source explained that the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was entirely unexpected. But perhaps more shocking is the claim that there was no laboratory leak. Instead, the Chinese didn’t expect the spread of the disease among the Chinese. However, they underestimated the virus’s ability to spread.

We have some confirmation that by the beginning of December of 2019, the Chinese knew about the spread of Wuflu. Further, they knew the transmissibility and lethality (to people over 70) of the virus. The Chinese willfully kept critical information private, as countries all over the world suffered the impact.

In short, the Chinese intentionally unleashed Wuflu on the U.S. and the Western world. Some say this strategy allowed China to take the pressure off the trade war that Trump was winning. And while some believe Wuflu is the reason Trump lost, that’s ridiculous.

Wuflu took Trump’s eye off the ball, and caused him to pivot to stop the carnage. However, Trump lost because the Democrats rigged the election. That said, I would not be surprised to learn that Democrats worked in conjunction with the Chinese to use Wuflu to hurt both the American and world economy.

Consider that instead of validating the origins of the outbreak, Democrats asked “What difference does it make?!” Quite a bit, if you want to hand a bill to somebody.

Most people know the origins of the virus, and that origin is Wuhan China. Still Democrats banned calling the virus “China Virus” or anything related to China. And like the election, they set this narrative in harmony.

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The Gateway Pundit isn’t the only one who ran with this story. On Wednesday The Daily Mail reported on a whistleblower and defector Wei Jingsheng alleging that Wuflu was first spread at the China Military Games in 2019.

As the proof mounts up, I expect Democrats to simply call it #FakeNews. That’s typically the way they handle anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Sort of like they did when news of Hunter Biden’s laptop first hit the ground.

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