Minn. Public Schools Force Children to Act Trans

The Minnesota public school system is clearly infested with leftism. It’s one thing to raise children to accept people of all different types. Race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. It’s quite another to force them to role play as gay or transgender students.

When I first started out as a political writer, much of the research I read pointed to the belief that “transgender” is a form of mental illness. Body dysmorphia to be exact. Thus, children facing transgender issued needed therapy.

Now, parents are left battling it out in courts of whether or not to allow their children to have sex change operations at ages well under puberty. Personally, I find it disturbing to think a parent would want their child to undergo such drastic hormone therapies and surgical procedures. Heck, I’m worried about the hormones in our chicken nuggets. There’s no way I’d load my kids up on estrogen or testosterones pills. Plus, it seems to me, these decisions should be made in adulthood. After careful consideration.

I’ll share a somewhat personal story. My daughter had a friend growing up. By high school, the friend decided she was gay. After high school, the friend decided she was going to transition into manhood. Then, suddenly one day, she started growing her hair back out. She ditched the binding bra, and decided to be a woman again! I was truly happy for the young woman, because she finally realized who she really is.

Imagine if her mother had given her a penis at the age of nine? Then how would this friend cope with her reality? It’s like Mario Lopez said, “When you’re a kid … you don’t know anything about sexuality yet. You’re just a kid.” Poor guy nearly lost his career over that little opinion!

As for being gay, I don’t really follow the conservative norm. I don’t care which side of the bread you butter. Because it’s not my toast. Do what you feel is right for you. But don’t go to a school and force children to pretend they’re either gay or trans. Because children don’t need to think they have to be someone else in order to accept someone else. All they need to learn is RESPECT. If they respect themselves and others, nothing else matters.

Yet, the public schools in Minnesota feel the need to put children in very awkward positions. And what can they do about it if they’re uncomfortable? Refuse the assignment?

Parents and Activists Take Issue

FNN reports:

Activists spoke out against a sex-ed program used in a Minnesota school district that includes asking straight students to role play gay and transgender relationships.

“Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught,” one concerned speaker said at the Richfield School Board meeting Monday.

“Programs like 3Rs are not effective,” said activist Julie Quist, a Child Protection League board member. While another speaker at the meeting said, “This type of teaching has no place in our schools.”

The speakers were referring to a program called the “3Rs,” which stands for “rights, respect, responsibility,” and was put together by Advocates for Youth, a group partnered with Planned Parenthood, Alpha News reported.

“While many sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents, Advocates for Youth realized that such education must begin much earlier,” the website for Advocates for Youth explains under its “rationale for curriculum section.”

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Unfortunately, sex education does seem to land on the back of the schools.

I’ve worked in public schools for nearly twenty years. And sadly, many children don’t get any kind of education at home. Whether it’s math homework or sex ed, parents rely too much on schools to educate their children. It’s our own fault that education is infested with liberal ideology. And it’s even more our fault if we haven’t countered the sex ed classes the school provides with our own forms of open communication.

Parents have forgotten the power of the school board, and just how much they CAN influence what it happening. Instead, everyone who should get involved seems to have checked out. And then an issue like this pops up, and parents are shocked. However, a little more involvement on the front end could prevent much of this madness.

When you leave the school system to be their only voice of reason, too many kids fall through the cracks. So the school is left with the responsibility to form both their education and their socialization. And the morals are left up to the faculty, instead of the family.

“This K-12 curriculum, therefore, is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion.”

The lessons include asking students to role play various relationship scenarios, including straight students pretending they are in a gay or lesbian relationship and to work through whether the hypothetical couple should have sex.

In one of the lessons, a student is asked to pretend to be a male named “Morgan” who is “very active” in his school’s LGBTQ club, while another student is asked to be “Terence,” a student who wants to have sex with “Morgan” and is not publicly out as gay.

“Morgan” then outlines a plan for the two students to secretly meet, according to the curriculum, and they “make a decision about whether to have sex.”

Other lessons include having students pretend they are transgender and “make a decision” about having sex with a woman, curriculum on anal sex designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention, and a section for teachers outlining how some straight male students might “have a homophobic response” to the role playing.

“Should this happen in your class, it’s important to stop what you are doing, notice the interaction, and ask for the class members to reflect on what’s happening and why. Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful,” the section for teachers said, Alpha News reported.

Too bad this is all for nothing.

Because these efforts won’t change the number of teens who get in over their heads when sexuality enters the picture.

Quist said that research has found that such “explicit sexual education” does not help reduce STDs or teen pregnancies.

“The Institute for Research and Evaluation conducted a comprehensive study on the effectiveness of programs such as this,” she told the Richfield School Board. “Out of 60 school-based studies, no credible evidence of effectiveness was found for sustained reductions in teen pregnancy or STDs. There was no evidence of effectiveness for increasing consistent condom use. Failure rates included 88% failure to delay teen sexual initiation and 94% failure to reduce unprotected sex. 12% of these programs found significant negative effects on adolescent sexual health and/or risk behavior.”

The entire lesson plan for the curriculum is nearly 700 pages long, and in one lesson designed for kindergartners, teachers are directed to refer to females as ​​”a person with a vulva,” while lessons for upper-grade level students list anal sex alongside vaginal and oral sex as routine intimacy options.

Kindergarteners are people with vulvas?

This has got to be a joke. Someone please tell me there’s a punchline in there somewhere.

“The board does not actually know all the details of our curriculum, I think I can say that with confidence,” Chair Tim Pollis said at the meeting following the speakers’ pushback, adding that all content is “age appropriate” and was selected “in partnership with parents and guardians.”

Pollis said that the use of 3Rs in the school district “is not new, it’s been in place for a number of years,” and  “parents are provided opt-out information … in advance … no student is required to participate.”

A district spokesperson told Alpha News that “Each year, content is introduced that is age-appropriate.”

Again, where is the punchline? Because as I remember it, trading genders was nowhere near appropriate. Not in elementary school. But heck, they cut recess to 20 mins and now teach first graders about sex. There is definitely more than one problem here.



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