New Crimes, Same Old Criminals Plague Country

Democrats are at it again. Using statistics for their own nefarious reasons.

In this latest manipulation of data, Democrats report that the number of hate crimes in the United States rose last year to the highest level in more than a decade. The targets of this new hate: Asians and Blacks.

The FBI identified 7,759 hate-crimes in 2020, a six percent increase over 2019 and the highest level since 2008.

Here’s what the Daily Mail highlighted:

  • Hate crimes against Asian communities in the U.S. increased by 70 percent last year compared with the number of similar incidents in 2019, the FBI said.
  • Anti-black crimes have also jumped nearly 40 percent last year compared with 2019 statistics.
  • Hate attacks targeting white people rose to 773, an increase of about 16 percent.
  • President Joe Biden issued the Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act in April to prevent the surge in anti-Asian American crimes in 2020.

Now the dirty little Leftist not-so-secret secret is out.

These crimes are still mostly being done by Blacks. That’s right boys and girls, the crimes against Asians, Blacks, and particularly whites are being done by the same criminals who commit most of the crime in America: YOUNG BLACK THUGS.

Understand that Democrats created these thugs. The “take” generation who believe “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Statistically, the same percentage of the population is committing these crimes, and they just upped the ante.

Given the economy, these young punks are putting in overtime. And trust me, the young Black thug sees carjacking, robbery, and so on merely putting in work. So when a person of any color is robbed at gun point or knife point in total fear for their lives, these gangsters don’t think of the long-term ramifications. They consider it like going gambling and losing to the house.

Dig a little deeper into these crime statistics, and you can easily verify my opinions on this. But I am left with a few questions for leftists. For example, did defunding the police open the doors to more crime? And what does Joe Biden plan to do to fix this? After all, he did get us out of Afghanistan, and according to him, that was a complete success!


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