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Polls Get Real: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets

If Afghanistan wasn’t enough to show people Biden’s true colors, the crisis at the Southern border just might be.

Biden’s been in the Oval Office for eight months now, and not one thing has gone right.

The economy is devastated. Inflation is ridiculous. Gas prices are soaring, as are groceries and household goods thanks to a trucking industry shortage. And we have the scamdemic to thank for that. It doesn’t stop there. Unemployment is rising. Foreign policy is a joke. We bow down to China and Afghanistan and let just anyone walk through our gates. The border crises is building. Biden’s only accomplishments are undoing Trump’s successes. That’s it. Nothing more. Finally, the polls are reflecting reality.

Truly, I believe the numbers are much worse. However, at least the latest polls don’t pretend Biden is some exalted savior of America.

According to Gallop:

[Biden’s] job approval rating has fallen six percentage points to 43%, the lowest of his presidency. For the first time, a majority, 53%, now disapproves of Biden’s performance.

These findings are from a Sept. 1-17 Gallup poll that was conducted after the U.S. military evacuated more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan. The United States’ exit from the nation’s longest war was marred by the Taliban’s quick takeover of most of the country and a suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul, which killed 13 U.S. service members. Over the same period, COVID-19 infection rates, nationally, were surging, leading to hospital overflows in some regions.

Obviously, Afghanistan has to be Biden’s biggest failure. His inability to function as Commander in Chief is directly responsible for the 13 Marine deaths. Sure, a suicide bomber is technically at fault. However, if Trump were president, Isis-K wouldn’t exist.

Biden wants to blame everyone except himself.

Yet, if we face facts, Biden’s weakness is the ultimate factor in this entire mess.

The President promised no man left behind. But he left behind men, women and even children. Not to mention billions of dollars worth of equipment.

We have Congressmen trying to rescue people because the State Department isn’t getting anything done. And Biden thinks he can just buy our people back, without the ramifications of funding terrorism.

Even the Afghani who once saved Biden’s sorry ass after an emergency helicopter landing was left behind. Surely Biden owes him one.

FNN adds:

The chaotic withdrawal has seen disease outbreaks among refugees and the administration scrambling to settle them in America.

In another embarrassment, the Pentagon revealed recently that a drone strike they carried out against terrorist targets hit innocent Afghans instead.

The Afghanistan debacle should be more than enough failure for an administration to shoulder. But Biden just can’t help himself. If there’s an opportunity to destroy America,  Biden jumps on it!

The Border Crisis.

Unfortunately, Biden simply ignores the border crisis most of the time. Further, the Vice President he put in charge refuses to even show up to the border.

Ted Cruz recently called for an end to the photo ops and a beginning to the real work. Yet, Democrats refuse to rise to the challenge.

Trump handed over a secure border. Now, hundreds of thousands of people already crossed over illegally. And millions more plan to do so while our country sits in this vulnerable position.

For those who doubt the severity of this crisis, visit Del Rio, Texas. If you have the balls. Because tens of thousands of people are camping under a bridge, and the dangers are nearly unspeakable.

Dark Reality

The atrocities happening under the bridge are reflective of the same dangers illegal immigration inflicts on our streets every time we turn a blind eye to illegals.

“… physical and sexual assaults of unaccompanied migrant children have been occurring at shocking rates in government-contracted facilities.

HHS documents first reported by Fox News on Wednesday illustrated the dark reality faced by some migrant children, with 33 instances of “sexual abuse” against unaccompanied minors tied to voluntary agencies contracting with the federal government.”

That’s a pretty way of saying monsters are raping women and little girls and no one can stop it. Because it’s happening so fast. Would you send your daughter to Del Rio? If not, demand Biden do something!

More Lies

The President claims he’s been to the border. But, that’s about as truthful as his three law degrees that he earned simultaneously while graduating top of his class.

In other words, bullsh*t! Biden’s never been to the southern border. Ever. Unless he came with Kamala Harris on her imaginary trip.

OK, so Kamala eventually showed up. But only because the media attacked her and pointed out the ridiculous contradiction of her own statements. Without media pressure, Harris would still be MIA. And although she popped by and had her picture taken, the VP failed to take any kind of action that addresses these problems.

Truly, we can leave it right there,  and not even mention the economy, or the scamdemic, but the Biden administration is failing on every front.

All About the Benjamins

You know the old saying, it’s all about the Benjamins, well, with Biden at the helm, it’s all about the lack of Benjamins. Because nobody has any money with this clown in charge. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and the same meal that cost me $30 two weeks ago was $46. That’s a giant leap. And what about gasoline? Soon people will be out of the job simply because they can’t afford the fuel to commute. But Biden loves the unemployment lines. He’d rather pass out inflated dollars than grow the economy.

FNN adds:

Congressional Democrats are working their tails off to pass Biden’s massive spending proposals. One of the biggest currently making its way through Congress has drawn warnings from Republicans, who say it will further increase inflation.

Federal unemployment benefits extended from the previous administration’s COVID-19 response have created a massive labor shortage in the U.S., with prices of goods and services rising because of it, as well as supply chain problems.

Proposed deficit-spending of another $3.5 trillion has spurred inflation fears, with alarms being sounded by many Republicans.

And then we have the scamdemic. Mask mandates are making a comeback. New threats of lockdowns are circulating. The government is trying to force the death poke on anyone with a pulse, needed or not. And trust me, economic consequences don’t even register with the morons in the White House.

Alpha Delta Mu

It may sound like a fraternity at the local university, but it’s nothing quite that cool. Now, there are so many variants to covid-19, the Greek alphabet has been enlisted to help name them.

Most people never heard of the Mu variant. And Delta was a big letdown, at least for leftists looking to stoke the scamdemic fires. However, these variants did bring more lies out of the President. The most notable of which is Biden’s new insistence that companies with more than 100 employees would have to mandate vaccinations. This comes after Biden’s promises that no nationwide mandates would occur.

Of course, truth is not something anyone expects from the Biden Administration. And the longer that clown sits in office, the lower his approval rating will sink. Sadly, our country will sink right along with his numbers.


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