Alec Baldwin Proves Rules Don’t Matter to Hollywood

Rules don’t apply to Hollyweird. Hollywood studios can openly discriminate in casting and elsewhere. They cannot be sued for telling somebody, “You’re too black, white, fat, ugly” or whatever.

And that’s just for starters.

If Harvey Weinstein’s three-decade sexual harassment spree proves anything, it’s that rules mean nothing in Hollywood. The fake #MeToo movement is proof, as hundreds (likely thousands) of women allowed the Weinsteins of Hollywood to do as they wish. These women, one by one, willingly laid on the casting couch to pursue fame and fortune.

Further, women who surrounded Weinstein acted as pimps. All under the watchful eye of Hollywood, in what was known as the best open secret in Tinsel Town.

How many Weinsteins did #MeToo take down? One.

Alec Baldwin broke the rules.

As has been reported, Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a woman on the set of his new movie Rust. The accident occurred as Baldwin was practicing a stunt with a prop gun he thought was safe.

Really? Let’s look at the rule for firearms. From the USA Carry website: Always check to see if a firearm is loaded.

It’s the first rule in firearm safety: treat every weapon as if it is loaded.

Yet, there are plenty of occurrences where someone assumes a gun is unloaded. Obviously, the results can be disastrous.

The reason why we always check to see if a firearm is loaded is simple. It only takes being wrong once to ruin things permanently. More importantly, it’s easy to check a handgun to see if it’s loaded. Some handguns even have indicators that act as a “heads up” that the gun is loaded. We should never take an indicator as proof positive that there isn’t a round in the chamber, though.

The anti-Conservative and likely anti-gun (except for his movies) Baldwin didn’t follow a basic rule that ALL trained gun owners follow: check to see if the gun is loaded.

Baldwin neglected this rule, which is how this reportedly happened (via Associated Press):

An assistant director unwittingly handed Alec Baldwin a loaded weapon and told him it was safe to use in the moments before the actor fatally shot a cinematographer, court records released Friday show.

“Cold gun,” the assistant director announced, according to a search warrant filed in a Santa Fe court.

Instead, the gun was loaded with live rounds, and when Baldwin pulled the trigger Thursday on the set of a Western, he killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza, who was standing behind her, was wounded, the records said.

Baldwin mocked Trump on SNL and he mocks Conservatives with his Leftist ideology. But if Baldwin were a Conservative, he wouldn’t be a killer.

You can bet that Alec Baldwin never took a gun safety class in his miserable life. Moreover, he knows little to nothing about firearms.

Let’s look at the other ironies.

Hollywood makes movies and TV shows routinely that have guns. And generally the armed good guys are chasing the armed bad guys. Rarely are the bad guys armed with legal guns. Put another way, Hollywood doesn’t make many movies about people with legal guns doing bad things with them.

Still even as Hollywood recognizes that good guys with guns take down bad guys with illegal guns, the overwhelming majority of Hollyweirdos want to take guns away from the good guys.

“Defund the police!” they yell. Further, they want all types of restrictions on citizens owning guns. (Yet, they don’t practice gun safety. Talk about irony.)

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The article continues and showcases the dual justice system that exists.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office obtained the warrant Friday so investigators could document the scene at the ranch outside Santa Fe where the shooting took place. They sought to examine Baldwin’s blood-stained costume for the film “Rust,” as well as the weapon that was fired, other prop guns and ammunition, and any footage that might exist.

The gun was one of three that the film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez, had set on a cart outside the wooden structure where a scene was being acted, according to the records. Assistant director Dave Halls grabbed the gun from the cart and brought it inside to Baldwin, unaware that it was loaded with live rounds, a detective wrote in the search warrant application.

It was unclear how many rounds were fired. Gutierrez removed a shell casing from the gun after the shooting, and she turned the weapon over to police when they arrived, the court records say.

Well, at least they arrested the weapon. But i read that Baldwin took off to the Hampton’s with his family.

Sadly, Halyna Hutchins won’t be with her family. Because she believed in Hollywood. However, as many people learn, Hollywood is not always the place for dreamers.


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