Biden Breaks Federal Law: Dumps 100,000+ Parolees

Confirming what many Americans already know about the Biden administration, we get news of another atrocity.

In Biden’s latest attack on citizens and the sovereignty of the United States, we learn the president is dumping illegals into America.

The Biden Administration is fully aware that they’re violating federal law. But the goal of the Biden Administration is NOT to make America great again. In fact, the goal of the Biden Administration is to destroy America, once and for all.

If you ponder whether or not I’m being a bit melodramatic, consider these facts. In 2017, under the Trump Administration, a thorough study estimated the annual cost of illegal immigration to be upwards of nearly $200 Billion. Recall, Trump enforced many travel bans. He put the brakes on illegal immigration and forced migrants to work on coming to America legally.

On the contrast, Biden released those brakes and opened the flood gates. So much so that I’d be willing to bet illegal immigration now costs closer to a trillion dollars a year. Especially when you factor in the pandemic and rampant inflation. The numbers just keep on surging.

According to Fox News:

At least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S., often with little to no supervision, by the Biden administration since March – including a broad use of limited parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible for work permits since August, Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show.

The documents give a partial snapshot into how the Biden administration has been releasing enormous numbers of migrants into the U.S., often with little to no oversight, supervision or immediate risk of deportation.

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Bending the Law

This is where “parolees” come into play.

Since March 20, at least 94,570 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S. with Notices to Report. Those who receive such a notice are only required to check in with an ICE office when they get to their final destination – which could be anywhere across the country. Those who check in are not deported or detained as their immigration proceedings move forward.

Meanwhile, since Aug 6th, the administration has released roughly 32,000 immigrants into the U.S. via parole – which gives migrants a form of legal status and the ability to apply for work permits.

Federal law says parole authority is to be used on a case-by-case basis for “urgent humanitarian purposes” and “significant public benefit.” Typically only a handful of parole cases are granted by officials, but the Biden administration has been using it more broadly, including in its parole of tens of thousands of Afghans into the United States as part of Operation Allies Welcome.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who served under President Biden, reviewed the documents and told Fox News that he believes the administration is abusing its parole authority.

“By law and regulation a parole shall only be granted on a case by case basis and only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. Neither of these appear to apply to the current situation,” he said, adding that the number of paroles brings into question the review and approval process.

“As a field chief, I don’t believe I ever approved more than 5 or 10 paroles in a year,” he said. “When I did, I ensured that the alien was monitored continuously and was detained or removed as soon as the circumstances allowed.”

Run Free

Not only is Biden dumping illegals, but they’re also allowed to just run free. Absolutely no accountability!

FNN continues:

The documents also show that since Aug 6, the administration has released an additional 40,000 illegal immigrants on their own recognizance. The documents also show that on one single day in Del Rio sector, 128 single adult illegal immigrants were released into the U.S. without ATD – which typically includes tracking by an ankle monitor or phone.

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official told Fox that mechanisms like paroling, the use of NTRs and enrolling migrants in Alternatives to Detention (ATD) “provides mechanisms to require family units released from CBP custody to report to ICE within a specified time.”

The official also cited figures that show that between 2014 and 2020, 81% of those released into the U.S. did report in for their immigration proceedings.

The agency has not released its numbers for September. But in both July and August there were more than 200,000 migrant encounters, marking some of the highest numbers in two decades. Since then, migrants have kept coming in large numbers. According to the documents, Rio Grande Valley encountered 5,900 migrants in one week, while Del Rio encountered more than 2,900 in the same period.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has repeatedly claimed that the border is not open, reportedly warned officials of a worst case scenario of up to 400,000 encounters if Title 42 public health protections were ended.

Another Anti-Trump Failure

Ten months into this Administration, and so far, Biden has but one accomplishment. Undoing Trump policies. Yet, none of Biden’s actions yield positive results. Illegal immigration is no exception.

Of course, Biden tries to paint this as just one small facet of much larger problems, such as “poverty, corruption and violence in Central America.” And let’s not forget the left’s go-to excuse: the WuFlu. I guess we’re supposed to believe these people are sneaking over because they’re just dying to get the vaccination. But you know what they say about excuses… everybody has one. As for Biden, he has more than I can count.


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