Biden’s latest grades: D- and F

Color this black man surprised…NOT. But Joe Biden’s latest report card is out. And he gets a D- and an F.

Sadly, there is no grade less than F or Joey Demento would have gotten it. Democrats seem to be hopeful that (1) they shore things up by midterms or (2) Dominion will save them…again.

On point (2), if Democrats have a good showing with their moron El Jefe getting an F, then people might continue to believe Democrats cheated Biden into office.

The Washington Examiner explains Biden’s grades.

John Zogby

This week was about Biden, the victim. Actually getting pounded by his own party. I am reminded of the sentiments of two historical figures.

The first is the Greek philosopher Zeno, the author of several paradoxes. The relevant one is his answer to the question of how far is the distance to the wall. If you measure it by how far it is to the halfway point to the wall, the result is that you never get to the wall. Think about that one the next time the president or Democratic congressional leaders say they are getting closer to a deal on spending.

For Biden, the other relevant piece of history comes from former President Warren Harding who, upon learning the extent of scandalous behavior by some members of his Cabinet, said that others worry about their enemies, “but for me, it’s my friends, my goddamned friends.”

Victims who only get halfway to the wall don’t get high grades.

If you think Zogby was harsh, check out Jed Babbin’s rating:

Jed Babbin

Biden’s ugly “new normal” is so well established that the media are entirely ignoring its principal elements: the Americans who remain in Afghanistan, raging #Bidenflation, and the open-border crisis that Biden created. But there’s plenty more going on that even the media don’t ignore.

Biden hinted that we would be giving Afghanistan “humanitarian relief,” which smells like possible ransom payments for trapped Americans. On Friday, it was reported that Gen. Mark Milley and the Pentagon thought we could partner with the Taliban to help fight terrorism in Afghanistan. What are these clowns smoking?

Biden’s infrastructure and “Build Back Better” spending bills are, thankfully, stuck in Congress. Democrats are fighting among themselves to keep their pet rocks from being tossed out to lighten the load in order to meet the limits imposed by Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Biden’s political power is fading quickly, almost as fast as the U.S. economy. Economic experts, to the extent that term isn’t an oxymoron, are already saying we’re at the beginning of a recession as bad as the one that started in 2008.

Asked about China’s tests of nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she wouldn’t comment on them except to say that the United States welcomes the competition. (YGBSM.) Her venture into humor extended to the supply chain problems that are threatening everything from Thanksgiving dinners to Christmas gift-giving when she mocked the thought that people’s deliveries of treadmills would be delayed. Just as funny was the news that Biden had killed yet another U.S. pipeline project, costing hundreds of U.S. jobs.

Just returned from months of “parental leave,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg blamed the supply chain problems on the COVID-19 pandemic. Could the fact that his department is incompetent to deal with the problem could be the cause? DOT is at least as competent as the rest of the Biden administration.

If America still allowed real comedy, Biden would be the butt of many jokes. Correction: he would be the butt of almost all jokes.

Biden is a one-man wrecking crew of the military, the economy, capitalism, education, and so on.

Biden ignores the major issues, like the border, the economy, and foreign policy for a few examples. However, he’s all over the minutiae, demanding vaccines for disease that doesn’t kill, while allowing the LGBTQ+ to remake the military and transgender kids to rape their peers in the bathroom at school.

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