Colin Powell Takes Fauci Death Poke, Then Dies

Growing up, Colin Powell was a household name. I remember my parents wishing he would run for President.

Surely, his leadership far out-performed that of Bush, Clinton, and Obama combined. And while he never aspired to the Oval Office, Powell’s influence helped shape more than one administration.

A true trailblazer, Powell was the nation’s first black Secretary of State. His family reports that Powell died from covid complications. Sadly, he was fully vaccinated.

One has to wonder if Powell would still be alive had he skipped the death poke. More and more facts surface each day, disproving the liberal rhetoric surround the WuFlu and the vaccine mandates being pedaled across the nation.

For example, last week we learned the NBA is complicit in a vaccine cover-up scandal.

Brandon Goodwin, an NBA player with the Atlanta Hawks, admitted recently that he got blood clots from the COVID vaccine that ended his season and possibly his career.

Goodwin said the NBA told him to keep it quiet.

Pfizer’s own scientists say you’re better off with natural antibodies. Yet, this shot is still pushed on the masses.

Admittedly, Powell was at an increased risk for covid complications due to other health issues, such as multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body’s immune response. Thus, subjecting him to the virus via vaccination was likely a bad idea from the start.

Yet, despite the out-pouring of facts, leftists continue to stoke the flames of the scamdemic.

Sadly, the nation now mourns a hero.

Powell once said the war in Iraq would be a paragraph in his obituary, and while that is true, he nevertheless lead the country through tumultuous times.

CNN adds:

Powell was a distinguished and trailblazing professional soldier whose career took him from combat duty in Vietnam to becoming the first Black national security adviser during the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency and the youngest and first African American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush. His national popularity soared in the aftermath of the US-led coalition victory during the Gulf War, and for a time in the mid-90s, he was considered a leading contender to become the first Black President of the United States.
Bush said in a statement Monday that Powell was “a great public servant” who was “such a favorite of Presidents that he earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom — twice. He was highly respected at home and abroad. And most important, Colin was a family man and a friend.”

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Leaders mourn a ‘trailblazer and role model’

Powell’s death was met with an outpouring of grief from former and current leaders, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, who served alongside Powell under Bush.
“I’m deeply saddened to learn that America has lost a leader and statesman. General Powell had a remarkably distinguished career, and I was fortunate to work with him,” Cheney said in a statement, adding that Powell was a “trailblazer and role model.”
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in remarks on Monday that in Powell he “lost a tremendous personal friend and mentor.”
“He always made time for me and I could always go to him with tough issues. He always had great counsel. We will certainly miss him,” said Austin, who himself made history earlier this year as the first Black Defense secretary.
Retired Gen. Martin Dempsey, who served for a time as Obama’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also mourned the loss of Powell, writing in a tweet on Monday that he was “A superb soldier, statesman, and lifelong public servant.”
And former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was in office while Powell served in the Bush administration, called Powell “a towering figure in American military and political leadership,” adding in a statement that he “inspired loyalty and respect.”
One can only hope the next generation yields such leadership and dedication to our country. Because right now, leadership is the last thing we see on the nightly news.


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