Fauci and the Big Fat Vaccination Contradiction

For many conservatives, it’s become a hobby (actually, make that a sport), to call out the leftist hypocrisies. And the WuFlu is overflowing with examples.

While Fauci busies himself preaching to the country about getting vaccinated, and public education campaigns seek to drive that message home, Fauci just revealed the truth.

There is no advantage to being vaccinated. 

Go ahead and say it, I know you’re dying to. In fact, I’ll say it with you. “But why would our president and Dr. Fauci lead us astray?”

Let’s take “Leftism for $1000, Alex.”

Answer: Easily racked up more than $16T in debt over a two year time span, effectively destroying the American economy.

If you asked “What is the scamdemic,” then you won this round of Jeopardy. Meanwhile, the taxpayers lost, well, trillions.

Now, Fauci once again contradicted himself. Recall the beginning of the WuFlu, we were told masks didn’t help. Then we were told masks were essential. Later, it was suggested that we add gloves and goggles to the ridiculousness. Some even suggested space suits. All the while, didn’t seem to make a lot of difference.

Then the vaccine became our “saving grace,” as leftists pretend our lives depend upon a shot that might well end us. So, who are we to trust? Definitely not Dr. Fauci.

Today, CNN posed the question, “When do you think it will be safe for the vaccinated to go indoors WITHOUT a mask?”

And Fauci’s answer is priceless.

FAUCI: “You know, I — it’s always tough to predict that. I think, if we continue to go down in the cases that we’re seeing right now, and more and more people get vaccinated, as the dynamics of the outbreak, namely, the amount of virus circulating in the community, goes down, I hope we will be able to pull back on some of those restrictions to get closer to what we really feel is normal in the community. I hope that’s soon. But I can’t give a prediction of a date on that, Dana.”

Stop the presses! Apparently, we’re still not safe without a mask. However, if you rewind the clock a few months back, all the hype said getting vaccinated was the way to get rid of these ridiculous face coverings.

Can we get a dose of common sense here? If the shot doesn’t give you immunity, why get it?

Leftists say “getting the shot will make covid easier to tolerate. Your symptoms will be less severe.” Based on what? I must ask. Because who can effectively measure how bad covid is for a particular individual with or without the shot? You either have the shot when you get it, or you don’t have the shot when you get it. You can’t get it both ways at the same time. Of course, understanding that concept relies on a base line of intelligence that many leftists simply don’t possess.

Following the Science

The death rate for covid continues to be less than 1%. Meanwhile, many of the vaccine’s side effects are much worse to deal with. Bells palsy, stroke, enlarged heart, blood clots, even death have been reported and verified as potential side effects. All for a cold you have a 99% chance of beating.

That’s not to say there isn’t an at-risk population. Those with underlying health conditions might need to weigh the risks of the vaccine on a different scale. But for most people, this decision is a no-brainer. About a month ago, I watched the news story of a mother who took her 17 year-old son to get the vaccine. In fact, she wad adamant that he get it, for his own good. After receiving the shot, his heart enlarged and he died on the basketball court. This poor mom listened to the media hype. She believed, whole-heartedly, that she was making the best decision for her son’s health.

Unfortunately, she buried her son before she realized the left is filled with lies. And she now beats herself up because she told her son she was doing what was best for him. Can you imagine living with that agony?

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Buying Obedience

Much of the news lately seeks to force the vaccination on us. Whether it’s the president or employers declaring vaccine mandates or people like Dr. Fauci spreading lies, there’s no shortage of the “get vaxxed” message. Still, many Americans feel the need to resist. Because we know too many lies still surround the WuFlu hype.

Recently, my county judge issued a notice that parents taking their children to receive the vaccination would be paid $250 cash per child. Considering five of my kids met the age requirement, I could easily say “cha-ching, cha-ching.” I was completely appalled. The timing of this notice coincided with back to school shopping. And poverty is a real problem where I live.

I wondered how many parents would find themselves desperately lining up for the payout, hoping to play the odds.

Personally, I won’t gamble my kids’ lives for $1,250. But, I also have the privilege of knowing where to get first hand information. And I have the ability to crunch the numbers for myself. Not everyone is as fortunate. Too many people have never even considered the possibility that our own government would lie to us. Because, to be honest, that should never happen in a country like ours.

We were born free. Thus, we hold the right to make our own decisions. Whether those decisions are based on religion, money, principles, or eeny-meanie-miney-mo. That’s the beauty of being American. But now, it’s like we’re living in China, or some other depraved corner of the globe. Which, come to think of it, actually make sense. Considering China already owns our ‘esteemed’ leader.




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