Fauci the Fraud Explains Why He’s Not Liked

Move over Marcus Welby, MD. Dr. Anthony Fauci (the fraud) may be the most well-known doctor in history.

From the moment I saw him on TV with President Trump, my spider sense alerted. Obviously, Fauci loves the spotlight far more than he likes the truth.

During the first phase of the scamdemic, I noted that Fauci intentionally contradicted President Trump. And at one point during one press conference, Fauci leered at President Trump, essentially mocking the man.

Over time, Fauci garnered much more TV attention and faux popularity. Because Fauci became a tool the Left used against President Trump. He was even part of the conspiracy and ultimately the coup against him.

80 million people watched Fauci mislead Americans week after week, as he modified his stance on Wuflu to suit the needs and narratives of the Left. At one point, he told us to walk around in goggles and gloves looking like some Scuba Steve.

Thus, after watching Fauci kill many Americans with his flip-flopping advice, I concluded that Fauci is a fraud. A bureaucrat who will say what is instructed, period.

Apparently, others see what I (and millions more) Americans see.

This came up in an interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Fauci defended himself against those who question his advice, claiming we “deny reality”.

Wallace suggested that “when this pandemic started, I think it’s fair to say you were the — generally regarded as the authority on infectious disease.”

Partial transcript:

Wallace: “But as time has gone on, you have become a polarizing figure. Critics accuse you of sending mixed messages. There are allegations that you helped fund dangerous research at the Wuhan lab.”

“Why do you think you have become so controversial?” And, honestly, do you think there’s anything you have done that has contributed to that?”

Fauci: “Well, I’m not so sure I could answer the latter because I can’t think of anything, but I’m sure some people will. But, you know, Chris, I have stood for always making science, data, and evidence be what we guide ourselves by.”

“And I think people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality that’s looking them straight in the eye, those are people that don’t particularly care for me. And that’s understandable because what I do, and I try very hard, is to be guided by the truth. And sometimes, the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me. That just is what it is. There’s not much I can do about that, Chris.”

If there were true justice in America for people like Fauci, he would have been stripped of his medical license at the very least. And in many countries, he would have been jailed.

Ironically, the opposite is true. A Washington state physician’s assistant just lost his medical license. Why? For pushing Ivermectin, an actual cure.

However, proving that the former America died decades ago, Fauci gets awards and exalted on magazine covers.

Still, I predict that history will remember Fauci for what he truly is. A fraud who killed thousands.


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