Latest Propaganda: Moderna Selling Only to Rich Countries

On the surface this article seems to fit the narrative of many who are against Wuflu vaccinations. The claim in the article is that Moderna only sells its Wuflu vaccine to rich countries.

Apparently we have a vaccine sweepstakes, and Moderna has been declared the winner. And why not.

After all, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson were exposed by Project Veritas. J&J said their vaccine caused cancer and Pfizer uses dead baby tissue. At least for now Moderna appears to be last man standing.

The article reports,

Moderna, whose coronavirus vaccine appears to be the world’s best defense against COVID-19, has been supplying its shots almost exclusively to wealthy nations, keeping poorer countries waiting and earning billions in profit.

After developing a breakthrough vaccine with the financial and scientific support of the U.S. government, Moderna has shipped a greater share of its doses to wealthy countries than any other vaccine manufacturer, according to Airfinity, a data firm that tracks vaccine shipments.

About 1 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine have gone to countries that the World Bank classifies as low income. By contrast, 8.4 million Pfizer doses and about 25 million single-shot Johnson & Johnson doses have gone to those countries.

Of the handful of middle-income countries that have reached deals to buy Moderna’s shots, most have not yet received any doses, and at least three have had to pay more than the United States or European Union did, according to government officials in those countries.

Thailand and Colombia are paying a premium. Botswana’s doses are late. Tunisia could not get in touch with Moderna.

Understand how the Fed works. They pit companies against each other, then select the winner. Moderna is the winner, though tainted.

Because Moderna is bourgeois. Uppity. SNOBS! They don’t sell to poor countries, and instead pander to the wealthy nations.

Now that we know who the de facto best Wuflu vaccine is, let’s all go get those expensive shots.

Why is Moderna’s vaccine better? Because Moderna makes only ONE thing:

Unlike Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, which have diverse rosters of drugs and other products, Moderna sells only the COVID vaccine. The Massachusetts company’s future hinges on the commercial success of its vaccine.

“They are behaving as if they have absolutely no responsibility beyond maximizing the return on investment,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, a former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Moderna executives have said that they are doing all they can to make as many doses as possible as quickly as possible but that their production capacity remains limited. All of the doses they produce this year are filling existing orders from governments such as the EU.

Even so, the Biden administration has grown increasingly frustrated with Moderna for not making its vaccine more available to poorer countries, two senior administration officials said. The administration has been pressing Moderna executives to increase production at U.S. plants and to license the company’s technology to overseas manufacturers that could make doses for foreign markets.

I can see the commercials now: COVID sufferers ask for Moderna by name.

If you play the market, short Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. Because they just got issued a death sentence.

And now Moderna is free to rake in the money while repairing its reputation. And for the millions who got those “blue collar” shots from Moderna’s competitors, you must suffer the consequences.

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