Ted Cruz Burns Biden: Stop Using Corruption to Your Advantage

There are two things I know for sure. One: Biden doesn’t belong in the Oval Office. Two: The mainstream media is a puppet of corruption.

It’s an all-out assault on America. Not only has Biden abandoned border security and sovereignty, but he relies on the media to bury the bad news.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a few ideas to restore order in the Lone Star State.

FNN explains:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slammed President Biden for not having any solutions on his “open border” policies and expecting the “corrupt, corporate” media to cover it up on “Hannity” Tuesday.

Hannity pointed out that immigrants get special, preferential treatment when they disregard our laws and put our safety at risk.

TED CRUZ: “Well, look, you are exactly right, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a political problem. Their political problem is their policies on the border have produced an absolute catastrophe, absolute chaos, 2 million people expected to cross illegally this year, and you get children being physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, you have women being raped, you have Covid positivity rates — at the Biden cages in south Texas, the Covid positivity rates, when I was last down there, three or four weeks ago, were 24%. And they have no solution because they have made a promise to the radical open-borders left that they won’t enforce the law, so their only answer is hide it. So there is a reason why you are seeing flights at 2:30 in the morning, at 4:00 in the morning, because they want to hide it and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to be complicit in covering it up.”

Imagine that, the liberal media are willing to hide the ugly truth from us, just to protect the incompetent president.

Ironically, these detention centers are a hot bed of WuFlu.

As Cruz pointed out, the south Texas detention centers have an astronomical covid-positive rate. And here we were told leftists wanted to eradicate the coronavirus. So where are the masks for the illegals? What about the death poke? Shouldn’t Biden force it upon those sneaking in to drain our system? If we’re expecting more than two million people to be dumped in our country this year alone, I have an idea. How about “you must get the vaccine to cash in your food stamps,” or is that too offensive for the left?

Biden has no problem killing Americans with his mandate. For example, consider the recent death of Jessica Berg. The school where her children attended required parent helpers to risk death. Berg’s love of children and Joe Biden’s mandate got her killed.

Unfortunately, Berg went against her gut. Thus, this young, beautiful mother complied, and then she died. In fact, Berg is but one of the 70 per day who die from a vaccine that most people should not take. Still, leftists argue that the reward far outweighs the risk. So why not include the vaccine in the “welcome to America” benefits package that awaits all illegal aliens?

Welcome Sign

Speaking of “welcome to America,” Cruz has an idea that will relieve some of the burden bearing down on Texas.

“…it’s why I introduced the bill you just referenced. It’s called the “Stop the Surge Act”, and it’s very simple. All it does is create 13 new ports of entry. So right now, those 2 million illegal aliens, most of them are coming to the state of Texas, my home state. I said, “Look, if it’s okay, if you’re fine with 2 million illegal immigrants, let’s send them to where you like to hang out.” 

As usual, Cruz is BRILLIANT!

Leftists pretend to care about illegal immigrants. But what happens when the problem is LITERALLY in their own backyards?

Cruz elaborates:

So the 13 ports of entry that my bill creates are Block Island, Rhode Island, Greenwich, Connecticut, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Governors Island, New York, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where Joe Biden likes to relax. Nantucket, Massachusetts, Newport, Rhode Island, Scarsdale, New York, Palo Alto, California, Yountville, California, which is, of course, where the French laundry is, where Gavin Newsom likes to party it up when he forces other people to shut down. St. Helena, California, as you mentioned, North Hero, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders has one of his vacation homes. And, you know, Sean, you live in the craziness that is Manhattan. How exactly do you think the rich stuck up liberals in Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard would react if they saw 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 illegal aliens being dropped off week after week in the vineyard?


“Look, the fundamental problem is under our immigration law, it’s the federal government that has the power to deport, and we’ve seen presidents that do a lousy job of that – Barack Obama did a lousy job of it. What we’ve never seen is a president like Joe Biden that just absolutely refuses to do it, just defies federal law, wholescale, and, you know, let’s take a community like Del Rio. We’ve been talking about Del Rio a lot lately. I was in Del Rio just a couple of weeks ago. Del Rio is a small town that the population of Del Rio is about 35,000. In one day, there were over 15,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from Haiti – one day under the bridge there in Del Rio. That’s nearly half the population of the city. I got to say in response to my bill today, it’s been fun seeing Democrats pull their hair out and explain why it’s a ‘terrible bill.’ You know, the governor of Rhode Island said, ‘Well, I can’t say anything nice about this bill at all. All I can do is insult it.’ And I got to say, I responded to the governor, I said, well, gosh, it seems to me you can only say one of two things. You can either say, ‘Sure, we’d love to see 2 million illegal immigrants in Newport, Rhode Island,’ number one. Or number two, you could say, ‘If that’s a bad thing, gosh, maybe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris shouldn’t be inflicting this massive surge on Texas and the rest of the country.’ You can’t have it both ways. Either it’s a good thing or bad thing. And these liberals are hypocrites that want to see illegal aliens in your communities, but not their privileged enclaves.”


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