TRIAL SET: Jussie Smollett DENIED Case Dismissal

The poster child for Leftists and Democrats, namely Jussie Smollett wants America to forget his crime.

Recall that “Juicy”, 39 claimed that two (masked) Trump-supporting rednecks jumped him in downtown Chicago, as he was headed from the subway after filming Empire. The non-attack attack occurred in Jan 2019 in the heart of a Chicago winter.

Next, these two evil white men put a noose around his neck and poured bleach all over him.

A few weeks later, police charged Smollett with filing a false police report, after investigators concluded that he staged the attack. Evidence proved that Smollett paid two brothers to carry out the attack.

Smollett schemed with the two brothers, so that he could get a better salary. Smollett tried to use the anti-Trump sentiment and media narrative (lies) to promote his career. And why not, as it worked for Kaepernick with his anti-police bullsh*t.

Like Kaepernick, the Kavanaugh accusers, Comey’s FBI, Hunter Biden, and other leftists: Juicy is a lying skank.

But don’t let that stop him from asking for his lie to be forgotten. As The Daily Mail reported, a judge denied Juicy’s last ditch attempt to cover up his lie.

Smollett asked for the judge to dismiss his criminal case where he lie to police about being the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack. Sadly for Smollett, a date has been set for trial.

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I called foul immediately.

At the time of Smollett’s attack, I knew he was lying. One can easily spot Leftist lies, when trained.

For example, in the Michael Brown Jr. lie, I said that no cop would reach out of a window to grab a 6′ 4″ 280 pound black man by the neck. And in the hood?! Negro please.

And like in the case of Michael Brown Jr, Smollett added just a bit too much flair to his attack.

If he said two unknown assailants kicked his gay ass, perhaps. But his description provided too much detail.

Case in point, rednecks don’t wear hoodies in the winter. They wear heavy jackets they get from Bass Pro. But even if you overlook that point, how about that very gay description of the noose and bleach?! Who walks around with a noose, in Chicago in the dead of winter?

Cow tipping in Kansas, yes. Gay hunting in Chicago, no.

Next came the bleach. Really? That yelled “gay embellishment” more than Liberace in a rainbow suit wearing Elton John sunglasses.

But the final straw came with what the rednecks supposedly asked Smollett. “Are you that n*gger from Empire?!”

Holy Mother of Made the F*ck Up! Like two rednecks even know what Empire was. And I stress “was” because Smollett’s scandal marked the end of the “Empire.”


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