Trump Social Media Site UNDER FIRE Already

President Trump announced the launch of his new social media site, and Leftists are more scared than a Chihuahua passing a peach pit.

And they have good reason.

A viable Trump social media site would make Trump more wealthy than Zuckerf*ck. But more importantly, Trump would take a page from the Bezos’ book and OWN the media. But not just print media, a la Bezos’ purchase of WaPo. No, Trump would take down not only WaPo and the New York Times, but TV media like CNN and Fock Snooze.

Yes, he’s that big.

80 million American conservatives would move their time and attention (and MONEY!) to the site, and the echo-chamber of silence on the Left would be deafening. And who better than Trump to do this?

The man who coined the phrase “fake news”, taking down the behemoths of social media AND media.

But there is a slight hitch for Trump.

As The Washington Examiner reports,

Former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform, TRUTH Social, has been given 30 days to comply with the software’s terms of license before its access is terminated. If it fails to comply, the platform may face legal action or have to rebuild from scratch.

Trump Media and Technology Group, a new company started by the former president, announced Wednesday it would soon launch TRUTH Social, a new platform aiming to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” The site is being built with the open-source software Mastodon.

Let’s hope Trump’s team is smart enough to get around this or write their own “hardened” version of a platform.

Meanwhile, liberals are so afraid of Trump’s next move, they’ve resorted to hacking the new site.

According to USA Today:

Hackers gained access to a private version of former President Donald Trump’s recently announced social media platform and posted images of defecating pigs, expletives and more, according to multiple reports 

The hackers, affiliated with the hacking collective Anonymous, told The New York Times that the move was part of their “online war against hate.”

Using a false account dubbed “donaldjtrump,” the hackers posted the photos of the pigs, wrote profane rants against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and made a fake account for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, according to multiple reports. The hackers also posted memes from fake accounts for Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and others.

“We had a fun time trolling it to high heaven,” Aubrey Cottle, a hacker affiliated with Anonymous, told The New York Times.

Of course, their only hope is to play dirty. It’s what leftists did throughout Trump’s days in the White House. It’s how they won the election. And it’s the only way liberals can keep their rhetoric buzzing.

But if there’s one thing I know about Trump supporters, it’s this. They come from all walks of life. And these people know what loyalty truly is. Thus, Trump has a friend in every corner. Expect these hackers to take on return fire soon. And rest assured that when Trumpers do hit back, we’ll get front row seats to the play by play. Because there’s no way Trump will go “gently into that good night.”

Meanwhile, I hear Facebook is having an identity crisis. So it’s the perfect time for a new player at the table.



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