White Guy wins $10M Discrimination Lawsuit

I fully expect Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to declare themselves “white” after this news. Because the worm may have turned, as a white man wins a discrimination lawsuit.

As The New York Post reported,

A former top executive at a North Carolina-based health care system has won $10 million in a legal battle over his claim that he lost his job because he is a white man.

David Duvall, a former senior vice president of marketing and communication at Novant Health, was awarded the money by a federal jury in Charlotte on Tuesday.

Holy Mother of Rachel Dolezal, this is great news for the race pimps. They can now make money on the entire racial spectrum. But in the case of Duvall, the award is legit.

The story explains,

In his lawsuit, Duvall had alleged that he was pushed out of his job without warning or explanation in July 2018 as the company tried to diversify top leadership positions.

Any idea how many white folks had this happen? Tons.

As a former management consultant to some of the largest companies in the world, I recognize what some perceive as the lack of blacks, women, etc. in corporate America. But not seeing blacks for example, is not the issue.

It’s not like blacks can’t get great corporate jobs by, wait for it…starting our own companies. And for those who want to climb the corporate ladder, I have some advice for them: stop with the ethnocentric BS and just perform like a rock star.

Even better, perform with no agenda. Don’t push for a promotion, just do your job to such a degree replacing you would be damn near impossible. If you do that, you will succeed.

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As I say to my sons, “Your attitude impacts your altitude!”

The article continues,

“We are pleased that the jury agreed that Duvall’s race and gender were unlawful factors in his termination — that he was fired to make room for more diverse leaders at Novant,” his attorney, S. Luke Largess, said in a statement to the Winston-Salem Journal.

For Leftists who believe they are immune to the “woke” generation, understand that they show no mercy. His lawyer explains,

“Duvall was a strong advocate of diversity at Novant. We believe the punitive damages award is a message that an employer cannot terminate and replace employees in order to achieve greater diversity in the workforce,” he added.

Duvall virtue-signaled with his “strong [advocacy] of diversity at Novant”, which is what put his job in jeopardy. But lucky for Duvall, he can now take his values to the bank, and cash them in.

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