Afghanistan: Remember the Americans who Didn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

Can you imagine the stories that would have been written of the Americans trapped in Afghanistan over Thanksgiving if Trump were president?

And you think you are bombarded with Wuflu bullsh*t? Headlines would excoriate Trump for a bungled evacuation that got 13 Marines killed. Notwithstanding the Americans still trapped over there.

By now we would know the exact number of Americans left behind. Abandoned by their leader. Further, we would know every American by name like black people killed by police if Trump abandoned Americans in a foreign country.

And what if Trump paid a ransom to get some of them out? He would be accused of nepotism and likely impeached. Favoritism, Democrats would suggest; along with chastising Trump for his “money for hostages” scheme.

Yes, these abandoned Americans would be called “hostages.”

Oh what a difference a president makes. Because despite Biden paying ransom to the Taliban, American and Afghani women are being raped. American and Afghani men continue to run for their lives, or risk being tortured due to Biden’s negligence and incompetence. Even the man who once saved Biden’s life was disserted by the president.

Yet not a peep from the media.

Instead we get the “good” news about Bidenflation. The inflation that Leftists celebrate. After all, what choice do they have?

I complain loudly about Biden and his stupid policies, but I’m still glad to have not served under him. Because you can bet those trapped Americans would give a kidney and parts of their livers to have celebrated Thanksgiving in America. Instead, their fates may be sealed, since they can’t rely on Trump to get them out.

All those Leftists who worked for Team Demento’s state department. Many thought Biden should replace Trump, but now wish they could have their votes back. Classic buyer’s remorse.

I bring these things up, because the Leftist media won’t. In thinking of these things, I merely ask myself a simple question: What if Trump were president?

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