Biden Questions Why People Are Saying ‘F You’ to him

Joey Demento has difficulty understanding most things. But he’s really having trouble wrapping his mind around being booed.

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While attending the Congressional baseball game, the crowd resoundingly boos the feckless Commander in Grief. See the video below:

Because Biden pays attention to fake news polls and other nonsense, he believes he’s popular. In his delusional state, Biden actually thinks he won the presidency.

Worse, despite Biden’s insane policies that hurt most Americans he claims to be a centrist.

My bet is if pressed, Biden would say that he is immensely more popular than Obama in Obama’s prime.

For contrast, look at how people treat President Trump when he appears in public:

This video is from the college national football championship. And the difference could not be more dramatic.

Consider what colleges chant of Biden every weekend, and you understand the significance of what happened to Trump. In 4 years in office, there is no record of college students chanting “F Donald Trump!”. Only Biden holds that distinction.

Each week, college students attending football games have chanted “F Joe Biden”. And there appears to be no end in sight.

But when they aren’t yelling “F Joe Biden!”, they are yelling “Let’s go Brandon!”, the clean equivalent.

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